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cWWI Prussian commemorative fob chain medal depicting Prussian soldiers in the trenches with a nickel bullet suspended below. The chain incorporates miniature representations of 2 German Mauser rifles. Impressive. (P)
Equipment: WWI MG08 ammunition tin. Clear evidence of once having a triple colour camouflage painted finish with approx 30% remaining. Some light surface rust o/w nice example. (P)
Hat: WWI Prussian enlisted ranks depot issue field service cap (Pork Pie cap). An original example of the cap introduced in 1907. Field grey wool with scarlet piping & hat band. Has both state & national cockades. White cotton lining with KBA IX/ 58 Ink stamps. Overall considerable mothing to nearly all pats of the cap. Very scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$375
Armband: WWII DRK (German Red Cross) machine woven armband. Standard pattern with central red cross & encircled wording 'Deutsches Rotes Kreuz' Unjoined ends, light soiling to white background. Grade II. (P)
Badge Colonial Merit (the Lion Order) in silver. issued in 1922 by the German Colonial Veteran's Union, rev 'In Memoriam' 'Ges Gesch' & 'NR 34162'. Approx 46x46mm, vertical pin back. VGC. Rare. (P)
Badge: WWII Kriegsmarine Submarine War Badge, zinc based gilt (little remaining), rev stamped RK in circle (Rudolph Karneth), original thin pin. ca late war example. VGC in case. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
Badge: WWII Luftwaffe Bomber Flight Case (silver) (60 combat missions). Maker's mark F & B (Foster & Barth) near hinge at rear. Mid war example. VGC. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
Badge: WWII Luftwaffe Flak Badge early type, silvered bronze maker marked 'Brehmer Markneu Kirchen' (Gustave Brehmer later allocated Pras number 13) wire pin. Minor deposit/pit on reverse. Possibly from poor storage. Scarce. (P)
 SOLD at A$240
Belt Buckle: WWII Waffen SS EM/NCO belt buckle by Overhoff < Cie. Die stamped steel, RZM 36/42SS. Minor surface rust o/w GC with details to eagle & lettering crisp. Nice untouched buckle. (P)
 SOLD at A$400
Boots: WWII Army Officer & Non-Commissioned Officer long black leather boots. Leather soled with rubber heel plates by Berson. Good size about 7-8. VGC. (P)
Boots: WWII Army officer or NCO long leather boots. Leather soles, with rubber heels by Berson. Large size 9-10, but concertinaed at ankles o/w GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Equipment: WWII Winter Boots with leather foot portion & knee high felt shafts (minor moth). Boots have been resoled with rubber soles. Overall G condition. Good display item.
Equipment: WWII Original army Afrikakorps enlisted ranks tropical issue olive web belt & olive green painted steel buckle. A good example of the pattern introduced for service in North Africa. Together with a (modern) hand-written note saying the puncture marks in the belt are made from a selection of badges, mainly Allied. An Aussie veteran bring back. (P)
 SOLD at A$240
Equipment: WWII Zeltbahn 31 shelter quarter Standard Army Splinter pattern double sided camouflage. GC but missing 2 buttons & has a few small paint spots. The Zeltbahn was used as a wet weather poncho & 4 of these joined together to make a tent. (P)
 SOLD at A$100
Flag: WWII NSDAP Flag Drape. Heavy red cotton with large swastika within white central circle sewn in centre with remains of rope suspension still present. Few age stain & few small holes & sl fraying at bottom. Overall GC. 1850mm x 750mm. Great display item.
 SOLD at A$275
Hat: WWII Afrika Corps army enlisted rank 2 mod tropical M14 field cap. A nice example in olive cotton with a red cotton lining. A 2nd pattern example with an oilcloth sweatband introduced in 1942. The cap has tropical BEVO woven cap eagle & cockade, the cockade with some thread wear & damage. Correct pasteboard cotton covered peak & twin metal grommets to the side. No visible maker's mark to the interior. Size 55. Light soiling & stain on visor, some fading overall. (P)
 SOLD at A$1050
Uniform: WWII Luftwaffe Officer's 4 pocket service dress tunic. Yellow Waffenfarbe for flight section or paratroops. Rank of Oberleutnant (Lieutenant). Luftwaffe blue grey wool material with all aluminium button, matching bullion insignia & officer's breast eagle. Full rayon lining to the interior. Not dated & no maker's label. Service wear but overall VGC. (P)
 SOLD at A$1150
Uniform: WWII Luftwaffe Flying Jacket (Flight protective suit BLB 41). Textbook example of the early war period waist jacket in blue grey fabric with fur collar & full black sheep skin lining. Full zipper front & zippers to both cuffs. An officer's bullion breast eagle to the right side chest. Jacket has seen many years of service, some repairs. Much deterioration to the material of both arms. Inner quite good condition outer somewhat relic condition. Still a rare jacket. (P)
WWII Original Winterhilfswerk Donation Tin, grey painted by Wesco. The original paper label now long removed. Has provision for both coins & paper note donations through the top of the lid. Winterhilfswerk (Winter-help-work) was an annual charitable donation event held by the 'NS Volkswohlfahrt' (National Socialist-peoples-Welfare-Organisation) in which personnel from all of the NSDAP organisations would solicit donations from the public & reward contributors with a wide variety of the lapel badges or propaganda booklets. About 80% paint. GC.
Relic: WW2 Messerschmitt BF110 Night fighter shot-down aircraft part. Still has some camo paint left. This piece was recovered by a British recovery team ca 1980s/90s who then traced the history of the aircraft. This aircraft was in aerial combat in 1944 at night over Holland fighting a Lancaster, both shot each other down. Then recovery people sell off the parts & raise funds. 500x400mm aluminium, dented & scarred (no markings). Interesting talking point. Grade III.
 SOLD at A$180
Medal: Imperial, Prussia 1864-1918 Military Merit Cross, gold. Silver-gilt version. Stamped: 'M 835' with Prussian War ribbon with custom safety pin & hook fastenings. In its fitted case that has minor scuffs. Period Jewellers copy. aEF. (P)
 SOLD at A$450
Medal: 1900 Torpedo-Boat Division medal. Double Eagle holding sword & sceptre with arms of Cologne on its breast, crown above, rev. View of city of Cologne & cathedral with shipping on Rhine in foreground. Legend SM Torpedoboots Division 1900. The medal has been made into a brooch with the sky above Cologne fret worked out. Nice trench art piece. (P)
Medals: WWI Imperial Prussia Group of 5: 1914 Iron Cross 2nd class, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military Merit Cross combatants ribbon, Hamburg Hanseatic Cross, 1914 Honour Cross with Swords, Prussia 12 Year Service Medal. Mounted Prussian parade style. (P)
Medals: WWII Social Welfare Medal 2nd Class. Civil Defence Decoration 2nd Class. NSDAP Long Service Award for 10 Years Service. All EF (3). (P)
Medal: WWII 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class VF. (P)
 SOLD at A$110
Medal: WWII 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class. VF
 SOLD at A$110
Medal: WWII 1939 War Merit Cross with Swords.
Medals WWII: 1939-44 West Wall Medal (German Defences Medal) in original envelope of issue. 1940 War Merit Medal. 1939 Wound badge 2nd class. gVF - UNC. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Replicas: SS Armband, SS runes on Swastika, F Meiller inside, Germany eagle woven breast badge & green Luftwaffe pin badge with plastic face. US Civil War Confederate States belt plate & with hook & clasp & US Army belt plate, no hooks plus 3 Chinese cash coins. All fakes, the arm band very convincing. (8 items)
 SOLD at A$60
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