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Collection 1913-2000 in 2 hagner binders M/MLH&G/FU. Inc Kangaroos to 5/- CofA, few KGV, 1914 6d Kooka, 1934 1/- Vic Cent, 1935 2/- Jubilee, 1936 SA Cent set, G/FU. Other post war Pre-decimal inc blks M/MUH (1000+). Decimal comprehensive range through to 2000. Also M/MLH inc 1932 6d Typo Kooka (3), Post war commem sets & extras. Coil strips, Defs in blks. Also FDC collection 2008-13 (140) all diff. Some mixed condition, majority F-VF. Retail approx $1300+. (2100+, 5 M/S & 140 covers)
 SOLD at A$400
Collection 1913-65 in Davo hingeless album inc Kangaroos U (mixed condition) to 10/- CofA, KGV Heads inc single wmk to 4d blue MLH/MUH, CofA to 1/4 M/MLH plus some G/FU, 1930s Commems MLH/FU, extras inc AIF set in blks of 4 M & 2 FDCs, KGVI 3d blue I MUH, Die 1a (MUH, tone), Die II thin paper MUH, Robes to £1 thick & thin paper sets MLH, Arms to £2 MLH, QEII Commem/Defs inc some extras/blks, BCOF set (5/- thin paper) G/FU, AAT inc pre-dec in blks of 4, few Postage Dues MUH & various others, some varied condition but largely F-VF, retail $3100+. (550)
 SOLD at A$700
Collection on leaves 1913-80 in 2 Seven Seas albums. Earlier mostly U inc various condition noted few Roos, KGV Heads inc SM perf 14 1/4, 1934 Macarthur set of 3 & other post war. Decimal MUH (FV $90) & G/FU with extras. Some toning, mixed condition but majority G-VF. (1260, 9 M/S)
Collection M/U in s/book with Kangaroos (70) to 10/- inc 1st wmk set to 2/-, 3rd to 5/- F-VF U & CofA to 10/- (retail $1200). KGV (250) to 1/4 inc OS Perfins & 1d green Die II (retail $1250). 1928 Kookaburra blk of 4 with red Exhib pmk, 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d, 3d opt OS, 1932 Bridge 5/- CTO & all other 1930s Commem sets inc 1934 Vic Cent set both perfs, 1949 Arms to £2 & 1964 Navigator set of 6 to £2. Decimals to 1976 near comp, mostly G-FU plus CTO, total retail $3350. Then M/MUH 1927 onwards (retail $850) inc 1932 Kookaburra 6d, 1934 Vic Cent. Macarthur sets & Airmail 1/6 no wmk, 1937 KGVI 3d Die IA (toned gum) & NSW Sesqui, & QEII pre-dec virtually comp inc 1963 Navigators set of 6 to £2 plus QEII MUH decimal mix to end 1974. Generally fresh & clean, total retail $4200. (100s) (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
Collection on leaves & hagners in binder inc Kangaroos noted 2nd wmk 6d, 9d perf OS FU, KGV heads (100s), 1d red vara selection G-FU others 1d Engraved 20 MUH/2 MLH in blks, SM perf 13½ ½d orange blks of 6 & 4 & others G/FU. 1930s Commems inc 1934 1/- Vic Cent M, 2 UN, 3 G/FU, 1935 1/- ANZAC MUH, MLH & FU, 1935 2/- Jubilee MLH & FU, KGVI 3d blue Die II Thick paper blk of 4, MLH/MUH, some post-war inc imprint blks & others. Mostly F-VF, retail approx $1800+.
 SOLD at A$425
Collection 1913-66 in Seven Seas hingeless album & hagners. Inc Kangaroos 1st wmk 5d, 9d F-VF M/MLH, Perf large OS inc 4d (2), 5d (2), 6d (3), G/FU & others, 2nd wmk 2½d, 9d FU, CofA 5/- (3), KGV Heads inc 4½d violet Die II CTO, OS opts M/MLH, 1914 6d Kooka FU, 1927 Canberra booklet with one pane (ink mark on cover), Kooka M/S M, 1935 1/- ANZAC MUH, 2/- Jubilee MLH, 5/- BCOF Thin paper MLH, Robes (thick paper) 2 sets FU, Arms SPECIMEN set MLH, 3 FU sets. Extensive Pre-decimal coil prs & strips & few blks mainly MUH, 1960 5d Northern Territory blk of 24 inc 8 type 1 & type II vert prs MUH, Pre-decimal Navigator sets of 8 & 6 MLH, Navigator inc $1 opt SPECIMEN 15mm, also perf 14¾ $1 MUH. Mainly F-VF. Retail $3100+. (570) (P)
 SOLD at A$850
Collection 1914-75 M/MUH in Seven Seas hingeless album comprehensive inc 1914 6d Kooka CTO, 1928 Kooka M/Sheet MLH, 1931 Kingsford-Smith opt OS M/MUH 2d (as is), 3d genuine, 1932 5/- Bridge & OS opts CTO, other 1930s commems M/MLH, Robes (thick paper), 10/-, £1 MUH, Robes thin paper set, Arms set, 5/- Cattle white paper MUH, Navigator set of 8 to £2, Decimals to 1975 largely MUH inc 1971 Christmas blk of 25, odd flt, mostly F-VF inc all the keys. Retail $2700 approx. (724, 3 M/S) (P)
 SOLD at A$800
Collection to 1980 in s/book with Kangaroos set of 17 to £1 grey (rounded cnr) inc 6d opt OS plus perf OS (8) to 1/-. KGV (44) to 1/4 inc opt OS set of 6 to 5d. 1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved CTO. 1927-31 Commems perf OS set of 6 CTO (retail $80). 1928 Kookaburra 3d blk of 4 with RED Exhibition pmk. 1931 Kingsford Smith set of 7 inc 2d, 3d, 6d opt OS. 1932 Bridge set of 6 to 5/- Postally U (retail $500+) inc 2d, 3d OS. 1934 Vic Cent & Macarthur sets. 1935 ANZAC 1/- & KGV SJ to 2/-. 1938 KGVI Robes 5/-, 10/-, £1 VFU. 1949 Arms set to £2. Pre-dec QEII comp inc 1959 Pics to 5/- Cattle white paper & 1963 Navigators set of 6 to £2. Decimals to 1980 inc 1966 Navigators to $4, 1971 Christmas blks of 7 & 25 & Paintings to $10. Some light toning, many should tidy up nicely. Mostly G-FU to 1966, decimals inc blks of 4, generally CTO. Retail $2400. (900)
 SOLD at A$850
Commercial Mail 1916-65 in cover album noted KGV 1d Reds on cover (5), 1d Greens on cover (11), 1½d Reds on cover (12), 2d Reds on cover (4), 1930s 2d commen on cover (6), WWII censor mail (4). Also Advertising envelopes with brand names & Advertising cachets (15), 1960s reg commercial mail. Some aging, usual mixed condition but majority F-VF. (113)
Commercial Perfins of Australia: The John Grant International Vermeil Award (Bangkok) collection on over 85 pages, maximum impact with 120 covers with pre-federation (9) inc NSW 1888 'SH&Co' QV 2d (3) & 6d violet from Sydney to San Francisco, earliest recorded date for a private perfin. 1900 Harrison, Jones & Devlin pictorial PTPO env to Melbourne. Sth Aust 1893 & 1897 QV 1d green on separate envs, & Victoria 1895 JF McKenzie cover Melbourne to Beechworth. 1901-12 early Commonwealth period covers (29) inc NSW 1901 Registered to Hamburg with 5d diadem & 9d/10d QV pr, plus a variety of VF pictorial envelopes. Kangaroo covers (12) inc ½d single franking (cat $100), 5d single franking to USA (ACSC cat $1000), 2d & 3d on 1918 Window Env ($220), 3d solo from Sydney on censor cover to Geneva ($200), 2d with ½d KGV on 1916 Turri env to USA ($125) & spectacular 6d brown (7) inc blk of 4 plus KGV 1d, 2d on 1931 Airmail cover to London. KGV covers (36) inc ½d green solo franking, 1d red singles (9) inc 1d bright-red (G12) on Jan 1915 Foggit, Jones & Co env (ACSC 71C cat $350), 1d reddish pink (G15) on Sept 1915 Matthew Goode & Co Window env (ACSC 71f cat $200), 1d Die III on Crums env to Apia with Samoa boxed censor cachet (ACSC cat $400) & 1½d brown on 1920 Macphersons pictorial advertising card. Other covers 1920s-60s (35) inc 1952 David Jones cover pmkd Sohana PNG, plus some quite spectacular pictorial envs. Loose perfin stamps (120) inc NSW Cattle Duty to 5/-, West Aust 1920s Railways 3d & 6d, Kangaroos (16) inc 3d & 1/- blks of 4 plus revenues, & Aust States. Also some 'Go-withs' inc receipts & documents. Most of the covers illustrated in 'Commercial Perfins of Australia' (Grant & Mathews) are present in this truly magnificent high standard collection. See website for 50 pages of highlights! (250 items). (P)
 SOLD at A$5000
Concise 1913-72 collection in s/book with Kangaroos (13) to 5/- inc 2/- brown, KGV (28) to 1/4 inc OS opt set of 5. 1914 Kookaburra 6d engraved. 1931 Kingsford Smith set of 4 plus 6d brown opt OS. 1932 Bridge 2d, 3d opt OS. 1934 Vic Cent & Macarthur sets. 1935 ANZAC 1/- & KGV SJ to 2/-. 1938 KGVI Robes 5/-, 10/-, £1. 1940 AIF set. 1949 Arms to £2. Comprehensive pre-decimal QEII inc Navigators to £1 white & cream paper. Finally useful Decimals to 1972 Christmas inc 1970 ANPEX Cook M/Sheet, 1971 Christmas 7c set, blk of 7 & ½d pane of 25. Minor toning in places. Generally G-FU, most Decimals MUH. Retail $900. (600).
 SOLD at A$190
Covers: 1940s-60s Out-bound mail (260), mainly to USA or GB, plus Argentina, Canada, DDR, Greece, Hungary, Italy, British Occupied Germany, Taipei & Zurich. Noted odd Tax or Postage Due & some very colourful frankings. Generally F-VF. Then 1980s-90s (140), mainly to USA or West Germany. Wide range of frankings. (400)
 SOLD at A$220
Covers - Military: NSW RAAF & Naval POs, WWII & post-war, good range of postal concession h/s, generally reasonable strikes, odd fault. (59). NSW Field POs, diff numbers/allocations, many scarcer, mostly censored, 1 reg, some mixed condition. (21). Military Postagram 1945-47 RAAF covers endorsed or h/s 'POSTAGRAM' (3 types), 2 from Pt Moresby (AFPO 74), one Qld-SA (RAAF 6008 Australia pmk), another Vic-NSW. Odd fault. (4). Queensland Military & RAAF POs covers, WWII & a few post-war, good range of postal concession h/s, generally reasonable strikes, odd fault. (21). Northern Territory 1941 ôReceived Telegram Urgent Rate form (Sch C 2233-11/38), from Melbourne to member of HQ Coy 2nd 21st Btn, Darwin, showing VF 'Relief 14 11-A1-JY 41 South-Aust' receiving pmk then in use at Darwin. RAAF Flying Training Schools 1940-41 inc FTS nos.1 (Point Cook, flts), 3 (Essendon), 4 (Mascot), 6 (Tamworth -2 types, 1 a front), no.1 Air Observers School (Cootamundra, missent, also front from RAAF Station (Richmond). Most F-VF. Scarce group. (7), plus Queensland 'PAID' cds & meter machine cancels -all in red, 1950s-90s covers (120) -a few fronts, mostly 1960s-70s, a few earlier or later. Vendor says all diff, mainly good strikes. (112 military, 120 Qld Paid etc).
Covers - Military Mail: Mostly Australia 1941-52 inc Censored Mail, many long type, Flown Mail, Registered Mail & with Army Registered boxed cachet, various censor marks, censor tape, good range of frankings, Internal mail, war Bonds advert cover. Also 1905 Russo/Jap War postcard very fragile. Mainly F-VF. (16).
Covers - Military: 1940s Australian Forces in Netherlands Indies scarce reg covers inc 'AIF Field PO28', 'Aust FPO170', 'Aust Army PO' 197, 240 (rare), 510 & 514, 'Air Force Post Office No251', quality of covers & pmks generally good, 4 censored. (7), plus with diff Field, Base or RAAF PO pmks for Morotai or Borneo (9), generally reasonable strikes, various censor h/s, odd fault. (16).
Covers: Military Northern Territory FPO covers with '163' (3), two reg (one with 'FPO 072' reg label), '189' (4, two reg), usages at Berry Springs, Darwin & Commalie (defective although not recorded by Williams & unseen by Proud), & '190' (3, one reg). Generally F-VF, overall very good strikes. Rare group. (10).
Covers - 1940s WWII Australian Forces in Netherlands Indies covers with Field, Base or RAAF PO pmks for Morotai & Borneo, generally reasonable strikes, various censor h/s, odd fault. (23).
Decimals: 2c-$10 Pics inc 50c (210), 60c (180), $1 (410) & similar. No gum, few mnr flts. Basic list enclosed. Unchecked, FV $3630.
 SOLD at A$1200
Decimals: 40c (440), 45c (4300), 50c (1200), 55c (560), 60c (630), Misc 15c-39c (FV $364). 5c (4000), 10c (1500) & assorted 65c-$10 (FV $620). No gum, some problems sighted inc rev stains. Total FV $4730
 SOLD at A$1800
Decimals: 45c Pics (300), 50c (300), 55c Pics (300), $1 Pics (300), $1.20 (600), Concession Stamp (100), no gum, few mnr flts. Unchecked, FV $1470 (plus Concession).
 SOLD at A$675
Decimals: 50c Pics/Commems (1500), 55c (1300), 65c (1400), Concession Post (1000). Uncancelled on piece. Total FV over $3000.
 SOLD at A$1100
Decimals: 60c Pics (3300) no gum, mnr flts. Unchecked, FV $1980.
 SOLD at A$725
Decimals: 60c Pics (4000). Uncancelled on piece. FV $2400.
 SOLD at A$900
Decimals: 65c Pics (1050), 55c (1260), 50c (210), 45c (560), odd values. Uncancelled on piece. FV $1900.
 SOLD at A$525
Decimals: 70c Pics (2100) no gum, few minor flts. Unchecked, FV $1470. (2100)
 SOLD at A$525
Decimals: 70c Pics (4000) uncancelled on piece. FV $2800.
 SOLD at A$900
Decimals: $1 Pics (1200). Uncancelled on pieces. FV $1200.
 SOLD at A$650
Decimals: Mixed values, no gum inc International Post to $7.40 Unchecked as received, Vendor FV $500. Plus Europe MUH with German 1923 Inflations (600) in 8 diff comp sheets. Slovakia 1939-44 MUH range (150) inc opt. Some interesting varieties & imperfs. Unchecked as received.
 SOLD at A$160
Decimals: Potential research lot of G/FU range in 2 shoeboxes inc 1966 QEII 1c (400), 4c (800), 5c (3000), 6c (400), 7c (1600) plus another 16,000 approx Pic/Commem inc 10c Gem or 18c Flowers (3000), 1966 7c, 9c, 10c Fish (200 ea), 1992 Wildlife 85c (200) & 70c (175) plus assorted 1970s-90s letter-rate Commems. G-FU. (22,500)
 SOLD at A$60
Decimals 1966-1988 on illustrated leaves in 5 albums inc Seven Seas binders, mostly MUH with FV $480, plus some G-FU. Some binders tropically affected, stamps largely F-VF. (1780, 22 M/S)
 SOLD at A$250
Decimals: Selected mostly VFU collection/accumulation with many high val Pics/Commems 1972 35c Christmas to 2010 $3 Fish (no 1989-95), in over 500 hagner style pages. Huge variety throughout & high degree of completion inc early-mid 1970s high value commem sets, Paintings to $10, 1980s-90s setenant strips, 2000s onwards International Post. Many higher values, plus 45 M/Sheets. Mostly F-VF U with many light hard to see cancels in the modern era. (10,000).
 SOLD at A$500
Exhibition or Philatelic opt M/Sheets all diff collection 1970 ANPEX - 2008 Stampex Day 1 inc AUSIPEX 84 (4 diff), Australia 99 Navigator M/S sets (5 diff), 2001 Centennial Show '100 Club', 2005 Pacific Explorer, 2007 Sydney Harbour Bridge 10 diff opts. 2006-07 Ashes Win set of 5 City opts & Sun Stamp 2008 set of 5, plus much more. All fresh MUH. FV $540. Retail very much higher. (175)
Exhibition M/Sheets: Massive all diff collection (158) to 2015 Singapore set of 6 inc Australia 99 Navigators (5 diff), 2005 Pacific Explorer IMPERF, 2007 Harbour Bridge with 10 diff opts, strength in 2010-15 Exhibition, Fairs etc inc London 2010, Australia 2013 (11 diff), Sydney Stamp Expo 2015 (6 diff) & Singapore 2015 6 day set, all fresh MUH inc vals to $10, total FV $560, retail much higher with recent emissions not readily available. Also PO Year album limited edition M/Sheets (12) to 2013 inc 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympics Gold Medallists sheetlets. All fresh MUH. A complimentary lot to other large collection on offer with very little 'cross-over' M/Sheets. (170)
Extensive FDC Stationery collection 1948-92 in 13 albums inc some Pre-decimal & early Decimals. Extensive range of late 1970s on inc AAT 1979-81 Ships Series set of Base covers (6 sets), also set of Base covers with ea in blks of 4, 1988 Bicentennial extensive range of covers. PSEs, commem covers inc First Fleet re-enactment, Captain Cook thematic collection, Australian inc NSW 4d Cook M, 4d Cook OS U & others, 1970 issue covers, packs, New Zealand 1969 M/Sheet on 11 diff cover First Day & commem covers & others. Mostly F-VF. (790+)
Extensive 1970-2016 FDC collection on pages in 14 albums. Early 1970 issues some unofficial, o/w all official & mostly VF fresh. Many standard FDC complimented by additional national Postmarker, also commemorative sets have the set on FDC & the individual stamps on separate FDC. Extensive 1988 Bicentenary covers on similar basis, plus First Fleet re-enactment series, some booklet panes on FDC, post 2000 inc Sydney Olympics & later Games with Gold Medallist stamps on separate FDCs, similar 2006 Melbourne Cwlth Games singles. Many others too numerous to highlight. Massive original cost especially when cost of pages is added in, largely VF. List available. (1838)
Extensive exhibition related collection 1999-ca2017 inc Melbourne Stamp Show 09 opt M/Sheet & Prestige booklet, London 2010 'Festival of Stamps' set of 3 M/S & booklet, Perth 2012 60c Wattle P-stamp sheetlet, opt Prestige Transport booklet, Supporters Club M/S, Rising Sun opt booklet (2), Melbourne 2013 Patron Club set of 4 M/S, Supporters Club set of 4 M/S. Kangaroo & Map $10 sheetlet, PO pack with opt & perfin sheetlet, Perf & Imperf M/S, other 2013 items. Melbourne 2017 Patrons Club opt M/S, Year of the Rooster opt Prestige booklet, Singapore 2015 set of 4 M/S in folders, opt covers & other items. All VF. High FV. Retail close to $1000 with many hard to find. (72)
Extensive near comp collection 1913-99 in 2 loose leaf albums, with Kangaroos 1st wmk set of 10 to 1/-. 2nd wmk (6) to 2/- brown. 3rd wmk (12) to £1 grey inc 10/- pale grey & deep aniline pink. 1929 set of 5 to 5/- & CofA set of 8 to £2. Average G-FU. ACSC cat $4600. KGV set of 74 inc Single wmk 1d red Die II rough & smooth papers, 1d Die III, & 4d lemon. SM wmk perf 14 set of 8, perf 13½ x12½ 1d green Die II U & 4½d Die II CTO, & OS opt set of 7 to 5d. Plus perf OS (52) with Single wmk (23) to 1/4, No wmk 1d & 1½d, SM wmk perf 14 set of 8 to 1/4, plus 3d blue wmk INV, & SM wmk perf 13½ x12½ (14) to 1/4. ACSC cat $2320. Then 1914 Kookaburra 6d engraved U & 1928 Kookaburra 3d M/Sheet M. 1931-32 OS opts set of 6 inc Kingsford Smith 2d, 3d, & Lyrebird 1/-. All 1930s commem sets inc Bridge 5/- CTO. 1937 KGVI Robes set to £1 thick & thin papers. 1946 BCOF opt set of 7 to 5/-, 1949 Arms to £2. All Pre-decimal QEII inc 1964 Navigators set of 8 to £2 inc 10/-, £1 white & cream papers & Decimals U possibly comp (FV $600 approx) 1966 to 2000. Some minor tones, mostly on the pages, o/w F-VFU. Total cat/retail $9400 to 1966, plus extra for Decimals (100s) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
FDC: 1937-65 Extensive range of private cachets or some PO types, no pre 1950 Defs, Birds or Navigators, o/w near comp inc 1937 NSW Sesqui, 1940 AIF, 1953 Produce Food, QEII Defins & 1/0½d, 1953 Tasmania, 1956 Olympics, Flowers etc. Appear almost all diff cachets, some registered & possibly better pmk. Mostly addressed. Odd minor tone mostly fresh F-VF. Good lot. (295)
 SOLD at A$300
FDC: 1954-63 PO generic Hermes types for 27 diff issues inc QEII to 1/7, Flowers, Animals, Cattle 5/-, 1962 Games etc. All typed or h/s addresses. Odd tone spot, mostly fresh & clean. All diff scarce group. (37).
FDC: 1965-70 near comp generic PO cachets (no Navigators, Cook & some others) inc scarce post Feb 1970 issues, addressed. All diff by cachet type or colour with some issues up to 7 diff. Some tones, mostly F-VF condition. Hard to replicate lot. (120).
FDC: 1966-70 near comp (no 8c Fish, or Navigators) with all coils, booklet stamps, Christmas, WWW, Satellite, Flowers, Olympics, Royal Visit, Cook etc. Mostly addressed & 5 or more of some issues, but all diff cachets inc WCS, Royal, Parade & some PO generic or plain envelope. Some with minor tones, most F-VF. (250+).
FDC: 1966-70 (blks of 4) near comp (no 1966 Defs & few others) no coils or booklet stamps. Inc Christmas, WWW, Satellite, Olympics, Royal Visit etc. Most addressed & 5 or more of some issues, but all diff cachets inc WCS, Royal, Parade & some PO generic or plain envelope. Few minor tones, mostly F-VF. Scarce assembly. (135)
FDC: Huge duplicated range of mostly 1980-89, singles, setenant prs, strips, M/Sheet, appears to be nearly all APO unaddressed types, wide range to $10. Generally VF. Huge FV & original cost. (2000+)
FDC: Mostly 1980-89 huge duplicated accumulation in carton, with singles, sets, M/Sheets, setenant prs, strips & blks, appear all to be unaddressed APO issues, odd tone in places, majority VF. Huge original cost/FV/retail. (well over 2000)
 SOLD at A$400
FDC 1979-2000 in 6 quality albums with around 520 covers (FV 1991-2000 $480) with Commem covers inc Philatelic Exhibition & other Special Events inc 1988 Bi-Cent Re-enactments, Expo 88 collection (in separate album) & around 270 diff 1991-2000 inc AAT, Christmas Is & Cocos. Plus maxicards (20 FV $60). Also uncounted PSE both UN/U & others inc 1955-76 FDC (3) inc 1956 Melb Olympics with stadium cds. GB FDC (25) 1964-1970 inc 1969 Machin set to £1. (700).
 SOLD at A$230
FDC: Australia & AAT, mostly 1980s-90s. Excellent range of mostly full sets with Official & Commem pmks. Values to $20, inc over 60 AAT with base pmks. Approx FV $1000. (600)
 SOLD at A$220
First Flight covers 1930s-70s inc Adelaide-Darwin Aug 1935 (2), Aust-New Guinea/Papua 1934, Aust-England, Aust-NZ, 1953 Coronation flights (14), Aust-Sth Africa, Flying Boats, 1960s BOAC flights, 1944 UK-Australia-UK Airletter & many more, inc Foreign flights. Great value at around $4 ea. (200+).
Kangaroos: M/MUH ex dealer priced selection (48) to 2/- on 2 display sheets with 1st wmk ½d (8) inc pr, 2½d (2 inc MUH regum), 4d, 5d & 1/-. 2nd wmk 6d blue, 3rd wmk 2d, 3d, 6d blue (4, inc perf OS/NSW & Die IIB MUH). 9d violet (3, inc gutter pr), 1/- green & 6d brown. SM wmk 6d perf OS, 1/- & 2/- MUH (regum). CofA wmk 6d (2), plus opt OS MUH (2), 9d (6) & 2/- (9) inc blk of 4 MUH. Some off-grade inc gum problems. Total marked retail $1625. (48)
 SOLD at A$375
Kangaroos: Priced M/MUH ex dealer's display sheets (2) with 1st wmk ½d (6), 1d, 2½d (2), 4d, 5d & 1/- (2). 3rd wmk 3d (2), 6d blue (3), 9d (2) inc part imprint single, 1/- MUH (regum), 2/- maroon MUH (regum) & 6d brown (3) inc perf OS. SM wmk 6d & 1/-. CofA wmk 6d (4) inc opt OS (2), 2/- maroon (10) inc LR cnr blk of 4, plus 5/- CofA wmk UN. Some off-grade inc gum problems or mixed centrings. Total marked retail $2000. (49)
 SOLD at A$375
Kangaroos: 1st Wmk 2½d blue/indigo odd tone or perf flt, generally G-FU mostly with cds. Unchecked by us for varieties. SG 4 cat £1900, ACSC 9 $4000. Retail $2500. (100).
Kangaroos: 3rd wmk 6d blue Die II. F-VF U. (80) ACSC 19 cat $25 ea = $2000.
Kangaroos: CofA set: 6d brown (2) inc OS opt, 2/-, 5/-. F-VF CTO ex PO set. SG 132-35, O133 cat £83+, ACSC cat CTO $275, retail similar. (5).
Kangaroos CofA wmk: 10/- grey & pink, £1 grey, £2 black & rose opt SPECIMEN type D, ACSC 50Axe, 54x, 58Ax 2 sets. F-VF M/MLH. ACSC cat $590. (6) (P)
Kangaroos: ½d Green 1st wmk. 2½d, 3d 3rd wmk. 9d, 2/- CofA wmk. 1/- SM wmk -50 of each. Few flts, mostly G-FU with many cds cancels. Unchecked by us for varieties or inverted wmks. Retail $3300 as cheapest. (300)
Kangaroos: 1d red Die II R gutter blk of 4 (pos 49, 50/55, 56). W/C VF fresh MUH. ACSC 3A cat $260. ½d Green blk of 4. MUH, cpl minor tones (cat $100). 2/- Maroon CofA wmk type B, blk of 4 fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $440. (12)
Kangaroos: 2d Grey & 3d olive -both Die I, 3rd wmk, 6d chestnut SM wmk with 'retouch UL cnr', & 9d violet CofA wmk. F-VF MUH, 3d sl 2-tone gum. SG 35, 37, 107 & 133 cat £173 for M, should be at least double, £346 MUH. ACSC 7, 13E, 22A(3)f & 29 cat $800. (4)
Kangaroo 2½d pale blue to deep indigo 3rd wmk shades. Mostly cds pmks. Few flts, generally above average F-VF U. SG cat 36 £1000. ACSC 11 $2500, retail $2000. (100)
Kangaroos: Collection/accumulation in s/book with good quantity & diversity often G-FU, some M/MUH, inc 1st wmk ½d, 1d in small qty, also 1d blk of 4 MLH/MUH, Coil strip of 4 M/3MUH, others to 1/- M/MLH, then to 1/- G/FU, 2nd wmk to 1/- M, 2/- G/FU, 3rd wmk lower values in small qty, others to 10/- G/FU, Die II 6d blue Inv wmk (3) FU cat $875. Also 6d blue perf OS MUH, 9d imprint pr M, S Mult 6d brown Ash imprint blk of 4, MLH/MUH, 1/- Ash imprint prs (2) M/MLH. Also perf OS G/FU inc 6d (9), 1/- (6), 2/- (8), CofA inc 9d violet imprint pr M, others to 2/- inc blks. Various others seemingly in no order at all, condition varies throughout inc toning on some stamps inc imprints. F-VF stamps throughout. Unchecked by us for varieties. Normal retail $5000+. (670)
 SOLD at A$600
Kangaroos: Collection with 1st wmk set to 1/- inc 4d orange & 5d chestnut. 2nd wmk (5) to 1/-. 3rd wmk set to 5/- inc 6d blue shades (2) & 2/- brown (4 shades). SM wmk to 5/- inc 6d, 1/-, 2/- CTO, CofA to 5/- inc 9d & 5/- CTO, plus 6d opt OS. Generally G-VFU with CTO as noted. Retail $1300. (40).
 SOLD at A$180
Kangaroos: MUH to 2/- with 1st wmk ½d, 1d, 5d. 3rd wmk 2d, 2½d, 6d brown, 1/-. SM wmk 9d pale violet. CofA wmk 6d opt OS, 2/- redrawn Die & 9d violet. All F-VF MUH. ACSC cat $2085. (11)
Kangaroos perf OS 1d Die I. 3rd wmk 3d Die I, 6d chestnut & 9d violet Die IIB. 1d patchy gum, others F-VF MLH. ACSC cat $685. (4)
Kangaroos: Selection inc 1st wmk 1d to 1/- (1/- 3 shades inc perf OS), 2nd wmk 2d, 2½d (2), 6d (2), 1/-, 2/-, 3rd wmk 2½d (2), 6d (2 shades), 1/- largely G-FU. Also 3rd wmk 1/- green perf OS variety 'LI of Shilling deformed' position 4L11 ACSC 33Aba(4)h FM cat $300. Some varied condition but largely F-VF ACSC cat $1250. (20) (P)
 SOLD at A$160
Kangaroos: Simplified Mint set ½d to 2/- maroon (ex 4d orange) inc ½d MUH, 1d, 2d, 2½d, 3d Die I MUH (cat $175), 5d brown (cpl mnr perf spots), 6d blue MLH ($275), 6d chestnut & opt OS 9d, 1/- & 2/- brown 1st wmk MLH (odd perf tone, cat $650) & 2/- maroon. Also SPECIMEN opts 10/-, £1 grey, £2. Some minor flts, visually impressive, total ACSC cat $2000. (17)
 SOLD at A$350
Kangaroos: Set ½d to 2/- simplified face diff inc 6d opt OS. Mostly F-VF M (4d flts) inc 3d strong colour MLH, 5d W/C, 1/- W/C & 2/- brown fresh MLH. Retail $1000+ allowing for condition (4d) & centring (6d blue). (14)
Kangaroos: 3rd Wmk: Set to 2/- with 2d, 2½d, 3d, 6d blue, 6d brown, 9d, 1/-, & 2/- brown, 20 of each. Mostly G-FU, odd flts. SG cat £1350. ACSC $3960. Retail $2880 as cheapest. (160)
 SOLD at A$350
KGV 1d Red collection^ (450) G-FU in 48-pg Lighthouse s/book with range of shades inc pink (G15) wmk INV & Die II, brick (G25), rough paper rose-pink (G67) & rosine (G68), these cat $675. ACSC listed varieties (45) inc sub-cliche Die II rough paper (2, $250), N-Y joined (scarce, $250), thin G ($150) & 19 other ACSC listed varieties plus Die II (12) -total ACSC cat $1650. Also LM wmk shades (9, $225). Plus others from ½d inc 1/4 (34, retail $650), OS perfins, Official opts & odd private perfin, plus 1929 Swan 1½d with re-entry flaws (cat $75). Some minor toning due to poor storage, many F-VF U. Ideal for researcher. Total cat well over $3200 for mentioned stamps with extra cat in the other 400 1d reds. (800+)
 SOLD at A$400
KGV: 1d Red accumulation^ in s/book assembled by non-collector with possible good shades in both the rough & smooth papers, noticed intense scarlet aniline & assorted pink colours. Also Die II (3) & Die III, LM wmk carmine shades (31) & 1913-14 Engraved (12) -these retail $1000+. Mostly G-FU with much to commend. (675)
KGV: Extensive range in 2 s/books^ mixed M/MLH&G/FU. Noted Single wmk inc 1d red M/MLH shades, varieties inc Die II, Die III M/MLH, also Die III inverted wmk U, others to 1/4 MUH, lower values, notably 4d orange CTO Melbourne wmk INV. No wmk 1d green & 1½d red perf OS, 1½d red no wmk blk of 4 Electro 17/18 HALE PENCE variety (unlisted these plates) & very obvious. SM wmk perf 14 3d blue Die I type B-A joined pr MUH (cat $375) & perf 13½ x12½ 1d green Die I/II pr M/MLH, Die II pr MLH. 3d Die II perf OS Ash imprint pr & 1/4 lower marginal M 'Thick 1' variety ($650). Also range of 3d, 4d olive, 5d & 1/4 G-FU, & quantity of 1½d red. Overall a solid range of M/MLH, only hampered by toning affecting many, complemented by the G-FU inc many ACSC listed varieties in the 1d reds & greens. Total ACSC cat well over $3500. (est 300 M/MUH, total 840+)
 SOLD at A$425
KGV wmk INVERTED: ½d - 4d^ (15 diff) with Single wmk ½d green, ½d orange, 1d red rough/smooth papers, 1d green (MLH), 1½d black-brown, 2d orange (perf OS), 4d Aniline orange, 4d dull orange, 4d yellow orange & 4d blue (cnr thin). LM wmk ½d green & 1½d black-brown. SM wmk perf 14 3d blue (OS perfin), perf 13½ x 12½, 1½d red & 2d red Die III. Mostly F-VF U with M. ACSC cat $800+. Scarce assembly. (16)
KGV: Old-time collection/accumulation^ in 4 thin s/books, noted 1d Red (280) inc Die II (16) with shades, pmks, similar sl smaller selections of ½d Green, ½d orange, 1½d green, 1½d & brown to black-brown, 1d green single & LM, Single wmk 2d red with shades, SM 2d opt OS (25), various others. Usual old-time condition, majority G-FU. ACSC cat $4000++. Unchecked by us. Useful lot worth inspection. (1400)
 SOLD at A$300
KGV recently discovered off paper hoard^ of 1d Green (approx 1300), 1½d Red (approx 3500). Mostly small multiple wmk. Appear unsorted usual old-time condition but mostly F-VF. (4800)
 SOLD at A$250
Kiloware: 1980s-2014 higher-val mix^ inc 1980s-90s high val commems & Defs & 2010-14 60c/70c Pics. All on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from an unknown source. Weight 2.1kg.
 SOLD at A$600
Kiloware: 5 Carton Mary McKillop Mission mix^ from 1960s pre-decimals to 2017 $1 Pics (inc uncancelled sighted). Huge variety inc non-letter high vals & scattered pre-decimals. Mostly on close-clip single paper with uncancelled sighted. Weight 24kg in 5 easy to carry medium boxes. A really good lot to sift through.
 SOLD at A$2200
Kiloware: 70c Pics/Commems^ inc 30c up-rates to $1, with scattered uncancelled sighted. All on close clip single paper. Good variety throughout. Weight 4.5kg.
 SOLD at A$450
Kiloware: Concession Post^ on mostly close-clip paper (5.3kg) & 2nd carton with cut/torn/double paper (3.7kg), with uncancelled sighted. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission. Total weight 9kg.
 SOLD at A$1200
Kiloware: $1 Pics & Commems^ on close clip single paper. G-FU. Unchecked as received from an unknown Tasmanian source. Weight nearly 3kg.
 SOLD at A$250
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ all on close-clip single paper with uncancelled sighted. Unchecked as received from an unknown Victorian charity. Weight 4kg.
 SOLD at A$600
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ all on close-clip single paper with uncancelled sighted. Unchecked as received from an unknown Victorian charity. Weight 4kg.
 SOLD at A$600
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ on close clip single paper. Weight 5.5kg. Unchecked as received from a diff unknown Victorian charity.
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ on mixed close-clip single, rough torn paper. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission, with uncancelled sighted. Weight 3kg.
 SOLD at A$950
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ on close-clip single paper. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission, with uncancelled sighted. Weight 4.7kg.
 SOLD at A$1400
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ on close-clip single paper. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission, with uncancelled sighted. Weight 5kg.
 SOLD at A$800
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems^ on close-clip single paper. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Mission, with uncancelled sighted. Weight 5.5kg.
 SOLD at A$2100
Kiloware:^ Disorganised mess to mid 2000s 50c Pics, wide variety 1970s-90s onwards, mostly letter-rate Pics/Commems with high vals, odd foreign or pre-decimal sighted. Weight 12.5kg. All on close-clip single paper.
 SOLD at A$180
Kiloware:^ More disorganised mess to recent Pensioner Post. Wide variety 1970s-90s onwards, mostly letter-rate Pics/Commems with high vals, odd foreign or pre-decimal sighted. Weight 12.5kg. All on close-clip single paper.
 SOLD at A$220
Kiloware: Massive 23kg carton^ from 1970 5c Train to 2013 60c Black Caviar with wide range of letter rate pics & commems, appears large variety. Unchecked as received, all on close clip single paper.
 SOLD at A$525
Kiloware: Mighty 20kg carton lot.^ Good coverage from mid 1980s Bicentenary commems to 2012 Pandas or later. Good variety with no heavy duplication. All on close single paper.
 SOLD at A$220
Kiloware: Recent 70c, 65c, 60c^ & others on mostly close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from an unknown Victorian source. Appears good variety throughout. Weight 6.5kg.
 SOLD at A$180
Kiloware: Large carton lot with Pics/commems to 2014 70c Waltzing Matilda, good variety inc many useful thematic types. Unchecked, appear main strength 2000 onwards 50c, 55c, 60c & 70c types, all on close clip single paper. Weight 19.5kg.
 SOLD at A$525
Massive 1960s-late 1990s collection/accumulation in 2 large cartons. Inc FDC & commem covers, pre-stamped envelopes Mint. First Day & Commem cancels. Aerogrammes both M & FD. Some mixed condition but largely F-VF. (4000+)
 SOLD at A$230
Off-paper accumulation wide variety from 1930s NSW Sesqui to 1990s 45c Trains. Unchecked as received from Mary McKillop International. Weight 3.8kg G-FU. (40-50,000).
 SOLD at A$150
Off-Paper to 2000 45c Olympics, wide variety, some pre-decimal, strength 1980s-90s (or later?). G-FU weight 6kg. (75,000).
 SOLD at A$140
Old-time mostly off paper used lot inc Queensland 1d Red QV, Kangaroos inc ½d green (90), other values to 6d, KGV 1d engraved, other values to 5d, commems inc 1½d Canberra, 2d Jubilee, 2d Macarthur & others in modest quantity, also others inc Germany. Usual old-time mixed condition appears unchecked. Great lot to sift through. (2000)
 SOLD at A$100
PO Packs possibly late 1970s-post 2000, also few booklets. FV $490. (200+)
 SOLD at A$275
Postage: 1974-2014 MUH in hagners & PO packs. FV $275.
 SOLD at A$150
Postal Stationery KGVI PTPO with Oval Die Envelope ca1952 3d red (120x95mm, opened out) uprated ½d & used at Melbourne in 1952 (realised $190 in 1997 RA Perry auction), Wrapper 2½d red & 2½d+2½d Used (ACSC $100, & $75 minor faults). Postcard Wallace & McGee 3d M ($100), & Reg Envelope c1946 OHMS RAAF 'Postage 5½d Paid Melbourne' used (no flap), (5)
Postal Stationery-Postcards 1911-30 inc KGV Full face view Spring St Melb (ACSC 21) uprated ½d to Canada, 1916 use of KGV 1d red on white (ACSC 27), 1921 use of 1½d brown (51, $100), 1½d green M (53, $100), 56U, 60M ($200), 62, 64, 66 & 67 all U, plus others. 6 with printed reverse for 'Commonwealth Club Adelaide'. ACSC cat $1065. (15). (P)
Pre-decimal range of mostly KGVI-QEII MUH in imprint blks, sheets & half sheets. Noted imprint blk of 4 inc KGVI/Zoological issues, also values 1/0½ to 2/6 Aboriginal in imprint strips of 18 or 20, 5/- Arms imprint blk of 4. Sheets 10 full, 3 half sheets of Commems & Defs inc 1951 1/6 Federation in sheet of 84, 1953 7½d Coronation sheet of 80 with var 'retouch' ACSC 301F, 1955 2/- green Olympic blk of 36. Few booklets, 3/6 3½d QEII no wmk (5), few pre-decimal FDCs & others mostly F-VF. (1960)
 SOLD at A$375
Pre-decimal 1940s-60s assortment from singles to large blks, noted Emu 5½d blk of 32 inc imprint. Should easily cat over £300. Stated to be all MUH. (1200+)
 SOLD at A$130
Pre-decimal used collection 1913-65 in s/book inc Kangaroos to 10/- CofA (10/- FU, pulled perf), other lower values, few KGV Heads, 1914 6d Kooka, 1930 Commem inc 1935 Jubilee set, Robes (thick paper) set, Arms set, Navigators set of 6 & others inc few Victoria, Revenues. Condition quite mixed, much toning, those mentioned F-VF & others. Banknotes inc $10 Johnson-Fraser UNC. (820)
 SOLD at A$220
Prestige Booklet collection 1997-mid 2003 in 3 Lighthouse booklet slipcase albums, or 20 loose. No AFL, & 2005 Zodiacs missing 2, no 'Snapshot' or coin types & 3 others, o/w comp inc extra listed 2005 Special Occasions types & 3 Christmas Is Chinese New Year. VF. All diff. SG cat £1530, plus 3 unlisted. Pf cat $3080. Original PO cost $1085. Plus cost of albums extra $225. (102)
Prestige Booklets: 2004 Bridges to March 2005 Special Occasions set of 7. Comp (only 1 AFL & no Zodiac), ea with special M/Sheets only available in these. VF MUH. FV approx $180. Original cost $200, Pf cat/retail $392 (17)
Prestige Booklets: 2005-14 larger sizes inc 2005 Down on the Farm, 2006 Postie Kate, 2007 Behind the Stamp, 2009 A Post Anniv, 2010 Aust Legends, 2012 Football Legends, Music Legends & 2014 Bush Ballads. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $146, SG cat £220, Pf cat $280. (8)
Prestige Booklets: 2013-16 inc Surfing, Canberra, Gardens, Kangaroo, Indigenous Leaders, Poultry, Wedding Day, 1st Air Mail, Fruit Labels & Owls. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $172, SG cat £214, Pf cat $240 (est). (10)
Private Perfins: 1913-54 unsorted accumulation in near new Lighthouse s/book. Huge variety with Kangaroos (120) to 2/- inc 3d, 6d, 9d & 1/-. KGV (400) to 5d inc 1d red, 1½d brown, 2d orange, 3d, 4d blue & 4d olive in varying quantities. Others (50) mainly commems from 1927 Canberra to 1954 RV. Some mixed condition, mostly G-FU with massive research potential. (570)
 SOLD at A$600
Private perfins: Stamp Show 89 Large Silver collection (some items removed) in 60 Exhibition pages with covers (22) with pre 1913 franked Australian States (8) inc NSW 'Neva Biscuits' pictorial, QLD 'NZ Fire & Marine Insurance' pictorial, Tas 'AMP' Pictorial & Vic Moreland Smelting Works env franked 2d QV with JAS perfin. Commonwealth covers (14) to 1940s inc 1917 Hoffnung & Co KGV 1d red to Apia with Samoa Censor cachet, 1917 Wills Cigarettes Kangaroo 2d to Apia with GRI Samoa Censor cachet (cat $150) & 1923 CBA Postcard with KGV 1½d green. Loose perfin stamps (145) to 1950s with Aust States (66) inc NSW QV 5/- & QLD QV £1 green Chalon. Kangaroos (14) to 1/- inc 2½d, 3d strip of 4 & 1/- CA Monogram (minor surface scuffs but unique!), KGV (25) inc 1d red strip of 4, 4d lemon, & 1/4 turquoise SM wmk perf 14, others (40) to 5/- Robes inc 1914 Kookaburra 6d engraved (2) & 1938 9d NSW Sesqui strip of 3. Also 'Go-withs' with pictorials, Postcards (8) inc Howard Smith Steamship, David Jones, McPhersons pictorial advertising cards, Tooth & Co Brewers cheque & 2 insurance Policies. Beaut little collection that was expanded to International Vermeil level (offered separately). See website. (180) (P)
 SOLD at A$650
Registered Envelopes: 1913-60s Collection inc 1914 Kangaroo 4d to Switzerland, 1921 KGV Sideface 5d to South Africa & Italy, 4½d violet, 1930 5d on 4½d oval long type uprated 4d olive to NZ, 1930 KGV oval 5d (2) inc uprated KGV 3d, Airmail 3d & Lyrebird 1/- Airmail to London, or with Tasmania QV 1d (2) to NZ, 1937 KGVI 5d, 1942 5½d (5) inc to Denmark, NZ, Papua & England, 1949 8½d Airmail to Germany, 9d, 1/0½d to Germany by air (2) uprated Platypus 9d & Hermes 1/6 pr, or with 5 stamps inc Coronation 2/-, QEII 1/0½d (9) with upratings inc 2/6 Aborigine & 5/- Arms & 2 other 2/6 -destinations inc Germany (2) & Hungary, all 3 with Customs labels, & to Argentina, QEII 1/7 (7) inc uprated Flower 2/5 for Airmail to USA, QEII 2/5 (5) inc 2 opts, 24c (5) inc uprated Fish 8c & Bird 13c to England & finally 25c (3) inc uprated 1100968 Olympics set by air to Germany. Early in mixed condition, overall F-VF with nice upratings & destinations. ACSC cat $665+ plus extra for nice useages. (46)
 SOLD at A$200
Territories Collection M&U in 1970s loose leaf album with Christmas Is (126) to end 1980 inc 1958 QEII to $1, 1963 Pics & 1968 Fish. (FV M/MUH 1969 onwards $32). Cocos Is (146) to 1982 inc 1963 Pics to 2/3 & 1969 Defs to $1. (FV MUH $31). Nauru (100) inc 1954 Pics to 5/-, 1966 Defs to $1 & 1968 opts. Norfolk Is (470 to end 1981) inc 1960 Pics to 10/-, 1966 opts. 1967 Ships & 1969 Birds (FV M/MUH 1970-81 $50). PNG (600) to 1975 Independence with M/U sets (one of ea) with 1952 Defs to £1 Fisherman, 1958 Pics to 5/- Coffee inc 1/7 Cattle, 1963 10/- Rabaul & QEII £1, 1964 Birds to 10/-, 1966 Butterflies & then comp to 1977 Independence M/Sheet. All VFU (mostly CTO) & MLH/MUH. Fresh & clean throughout. Retail $900 plus another $110 FV in Norfolk, Christmas & Cocos Is. (1440).
 SOLD at A$210
Voluminous assembly in 5 stockbooks & 2 hagner binders, 1914-90s mostly G/FU inc 1914 6d Kooka (3), 1934 9d Macarthur (5), 1/- Vic Cent, 1/- ANZAC, £1 Robes, other Pre-decimal inc some in qty. Decimal range Postage Dues 1902-60 (600+) with 1902-08 Mono-colours (40+), 1909-60 values to 5/-, inc in blks & strips. AAT 1966 to $1 (4), plus 100s later issues inc setenant & others. Usual sl varied condition, mainly F-VF M/MUH/U. (2700, 12 M/S)
 SOLD at A$300
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