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1820s-1945 Italy ranges from specialist collection. Starting with the famous 1820 Cavallini embossed 50c as cutout, 1862 Italy 1st issue 10c perf tied on piece with dated cds, then ranges of defins, commems, postage dues, express & parcel post, with pages of blks M/MUH or U. Noted range of the interesting 1924 official permit stamps, 1944 Italian Social Republic speciality items inc rare GNR opt types & errors, as well as excellent section of 1945 Liberation & local issues, inc rare opts, varieties & provisionals. Also some unusual 1940s local postage due 'T' opts, inc in blks. Sass/CEI cat €25,000 = A$37,000! Condition mixed but very interesting & valuable lot. (600+).
 SOLD at A$900
1840-1970s British Empire & Foreign better sets & singles in s/book, inc Antigua 1938-51 KGVI Pics to 5/-. Belgium 1930 Airmail set to 5Fr, 1949 Stamp Centenary set to 50Fr. Bermuda 1938-53 KGVI Pics to £1 U. Bosnia & Herzegovina 1879-1905 to 5Kr M inc 1900 20h, 25h & 40h. Cyprus 1938-51 KGVI Pics to £1 M & U. 1955-60 QEII Pic set to £1. 1960 Republic opt set to £1. GB 1840 QV 1d black, 1847-54 QV Embossed 6d. Ionian Is 1859 QV (½d). Malta 1938-43 KGVI set to 10/-. Nauru 1916-23 KGV Seahorses to 10/-. North Borneo 1948 Silver Wedding set. Pitcairn 1940-51 KGVI Pic set. Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954-56 QEII set to £1. Sabah 1964-65 QEII Pic set. Singapore 1955-59 QEII Pic set to $5. Most diff, odd extra inc M & U. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £8500+ = A$15,000+. (615) (P)
 SOLD at A$1600
1842-1880 USA Local Posts Collection: Probably early reprints etc inc issues in both original & fanciful colours. Good coverage of posts. Carriers inc Baltimore City 1850-55 1c red & 1856 1c red & 1c blue. Honours 1851-58 2c in 3 diff frames. Brown & McGill 1858 Eagle 2c. Locals cover many posts inc Adams, Barrs, Bonton's 1848 General Taylor 2c. Boyds 1844-80s range of Eagles of diff types. Broadway 1849-51 Train 1c. Bronson & Forbes 1856 Train. Carnes 1864 Beor (5c). City Dispatch Post 1842-52 Washington 2c. Cummings 1844 'Safe' 2c. East River 1852-55 Ship (1c). Esses 1856 Ship 2c, Floyd 1860 Portrait (1c). Hontords 1845 Horse 2c, Humbolts 1863 Pony Express 25c. Wells Fargo 1861 Pony Express $4 & 1861 $1 blue. Westerfelds 1864 India Chief range. Westtown 1853-67 School Post (2c). Most diff. Most F-VF M, odd flts. Scott cat US$110,000+ as originals. Interesting reference collection. (230)
1849-1936 Foreign Collection in 2 'New Ideal' albums. Argentina 1935 Pic Def to 10P. Austria from 1850 inc 1908-13 Portrait to 1Kr & 1916-18 Emperor & Arms to 2Kr. Bavaria 1849-62 Numerals to 6Kr. Belgium 1899 Epaulettes 20c. 1849-91 Medallion 10c & 40c imperf. Czechoslovakia 1918-20 Hradcany to 400h. France from 1860s inc Ceres to 80c & 1900-20s Merson to 5Fr. Germany from 1872 inc Inflation issues. Greece from 1861-80 Large Hermes to 80L. Netherlands from 1867 inc 1898-1910 Queen to 1G. Italy from 1863. Japan from 1870s inc Cherry Blossom to 25s & 1899 Chrysanthemum to 12f. Spain 1922-27 King to 1p. Most diff. Mostly F-VF M/U. SG cat £5000+ = A$9000+. (3000).
1850-1980s World collection A-Z in 3 albums. Austria 1850 Arms to 9Kr, 1864 Embossed to 15Kr. Germany 1880 Eagles to 50pf. Hannover 1864 King 1gr & 2gr roul, GB 1934 KGV Seahorses 2/6 & 10/-. AAT 1966 Pic Def set to $1. Ireland opt Seahorses to 10/- etc. Most diff. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £5400+ = A$9500+. (3750+)
1850-2000 selections on stockcards part sets & singles. Austria 1850 Arms 9Kr 1st issue. Tuva 1930s Airmails to 75k, GB stock of 1970s-80s high vals. 1950 KGVI Pictorial 10/- & £1. 1938-47 KGVI High vals to £1. Most F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £1900+ = A$3400+ (700).
1856-58 Great Britain QV 1d red, star in top cnrs, comp sheet reconstruction of all letters AA-TL, wmk large crown, perf 14, white paper. Mostly G-VFU. SG 37/41 cat £2856 as cheapest shades. Great display item.
1857 Peru - Pacific Steam Navigation Co: Ships forgery collection. Useful coverage of colours, shades & pmks. 1R blue inc concentric ring & dot pmks, 1R orange shades & pmks. 1R brown, red & red-brown, 1R green with concentric ring & bar pmks. Berlin print 1R in brown & purple, 2R blue inc shades & pmks. 2R green with bar, dot & concentric ring pmks. 2R orange again with shades & pmks, 2R red, brown & red-brown -also Berlin printing in brown & purple. Very interesting & unusual reference study of a classic issue. (50).
1859-1980s Large quantity of World issues in 10 old-time album A-Z. Australia from Kangaroos to 2/-. NZ 1926-34 KGV Admiral 2/-. China from 1898 inc PRC. GB 1924 Empire Exhib set. Ionian Is 1959-64 QV (½d) orange. Russia inc odd Civil War issue. Interesting old Victorian album. Most G-VF M/U, mixed condition in parts. SG cat £8000 = A$14,000+. (10,500+)
1860s-1890s Revenues 19th Collection A-Z of foreign countries. Afghanistan 1890s range of primitive issues on various coloured papers. Germany & States inc Bremen, Bavaria, Alsace, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Argentina from 1880s inc Buenos Aires & other provinces. Austria from 1850, Austrian Italy & Hungary issues. Brazil plus provinces. Colombia Ship issues plus Bolivar & Santander provinces. Costa Rica inc Guanacaste regionals. Dominican Rep 1880s-90s Arms to 5P. Spain & Colonies from 1850s inc War Tax, Titles, Judicial. USA from 1860s inc Certificate, Bank Cheque, Telegraph, Documents. Also range of Proprietary Dues. France & Colonies inc Diego Suarez 1880s-90s Octroi Revenues 5c, 50c & 1Fr plus 5c blk of 4. Hawaii 1890s King $1 Internal Revenue. Italy from 1860s inc Municipal Revenues. Also Sardinian Passport revenue. Useful Japan inc Silk Tax revenues. Mexico with useful 1880s-90s. Peru from 1860s, Swiss Canton issues inc Bern, Vaud, Fribourg, Geneva & Lucerne. Turkey Empire issues inc newspaper taxes. Most G-VF M/U, useful mixed condition in parts. Very interesting lot. (1350)
1860s-99 Telegraph Collection: World items inc Argentina 1887 10c & 40c. Austria 1870 Vienna private Co 80Kr & 1873-79 State Telegraph range to 2Fl. Belgium 1866 King 1Fr & 1871 King 1Fr & 5Fr. Ceylon 1881-94 QV to 10R. Chile 1883 Arms to 1P. Colombia 1882 Morse 1P. Cuba 1876-98 range of King & Arms to 4P. Ecuador 1892 President to 1S. Bavaria 1876 Arms to 10Mk. Hungary 1870s to 10Kr. India 1869-90 QV to 25R. Useful Nicaragua 1891-99 to 10P. Peru 1897 Statue 1s. Switzerland 1868-81 Cross to 20Fr. Also Cinderellas inc Exhib labels, Local Post cut-outs, official Seals & Soldier labels. Extras inc M & U etc. Most G-VF M/U, sl mixed in parts. Bft cat £835+. (305)
1865-1890s Norway Local Posts collection of Town Bypost issues on pgs with good coverage of many towns. Alesund 1884 monogram set. Bergen 1868 Numeral 2s red. Christiansund 1878-89 range inc 1878 Andressen to 7o, 1887 Numeral 5o set perf & set to 10o imperf. Holmestrand 1888 Pictorial set, Kragero 1886 Island set. Drummen 1887 Bird 5o, Hammerfest 1888 Pictorial set. Trondheim 1865-70 Monogram range inc types & opt, 1872-77 Numeral range inc shades, printings & surcharges. 1877-78 New Design numeral range to 8o inc shades. Tonsberg 1884-85 Castle range to 20o inc perf & imperf. Tromso 1882 Reindeer range to 8o. Mostly F-VF M/U. Very scarce & seldom offered with so many towns represented. (114).
1868-1960s Middle East: Collection on pages & in s/book. Egypt 1879-1900 Sphinx & Pyramid to 5Pi inc blks, 1914 -22 Pics to 200m inc blks, 1922 crown opts to 200m, 1922 Kings to 200m, 1927-37 Kings to £1. 1933 Air Congress set to 20m, 1934 UPU to 200m, 1947 Air to 200m. Officials 1907 OHHS opts to 5Pi. Selection of 1890s P/cards & Postal Stationery envelopes. French PO's inc 1899-1900 Alexandria opt P & C to 50c. Port Said 1899-1900 P & C opts to 5Fr. 1902-21 Blanc, Mouchon & Merson to 5Fr, 1921-23 surch to 5Fr. 1927-30 Sinking Fund set. 1868 Suez Canal set to 40c. Yemen 1940 Defs to 4b. Syria 1920-22 OMF opts to 2Pi. Persia from 1881. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £2800+ = A$5000+. (1050, 7 covers/cards)
1872-1920s Germany: Classics from old-time collection inc 1872 Arms small shield 1/3g, ½g (7), 1g (2), 2g (2) & 5g all U, plus 1Kr & 2Kr UN (total SG cat £1560), Large shield ¼d, 1/3g, ½g (M&U), 1g (2), 2g (2), 2½g M (SG cat £3000), 1Kr plus 2½ & 9 opts. 1880 set M & set U, 2Mk M & 1926-28 Welfare Fund Arms (7 diff) M. Mostly G-VF M/U. SG cat £5495 = A$10,000. (52).
1872-90 Denmark Local Posts: Collection of Town Bypost issues on pgs. Aalborg 1885 Numeral set 3o & 5o plus shades, 1886 Surch range to 5o, 1886 Town Arms to 5o, plus 1o-5o imperf, 1886 Arms to 50o, 1886 Dated Surch set. Aarhus 1885 Numeral 5o. Horsens 1883 Large numeral 3o, 1886-87 Numerals to 10o inc thin & thick numerals. Randers 1887 Knight values to 8o, opt Holte 1872 Numeral 2s. Svendborg 1887 Arms set to 10o. Veile 1887 Pigeon set to 10o. Viborg 1887-88 Arms set to 10o. Kolding 1887 Castle 3o. Copenhagen 1880-83 Arms to 10o. 1885 Arms 15o. Odense 1886 to 2o. Mostly diff inc shades. Most F-VF M/U. Very scarce offering. (127).
1900-02 Boer War Postal History collection with extensive pmk study on GB, Cape, Natal, OFS & Transvaal stamps inc Field Post Office BO, British Army S Africa 33 diff, 2-ring types nos '*' to 56, plus no.100, & covers (15). Then single ring types 5 diff nos, Army PO no 43-55, plus covers (5), lge Army Post Office rubber cds, Natal Field Force octagonal type (4 diff), Army Post Office with town name (20 diff) inc 4 covers, town cds on GB stamps (19 diff towns) inc QV Jubilee values 4d, 5d, 10d & 1/-, censored covers (10), some Army Telegraph lge cds & finally POW covers (7) inc to Diyatawala Camp Ceylon (3) & Ahmednagar India (2) with camp censor h/s etc. Mixed condition Fair-VF. SG cat £1375 for the FPO pmks on GB stamps, plus another 75 GB with Cape, Natal, OFS & Transvaal pmks & various pmks on more of these colony issues, plus the covers. (320 stamps/pieces, 50 covers & 23 related period PPC)
 SOLD at A$1100
1901-12 Crete - Italian & French POs collection with Italian POs 1901 La Canea opt King 1Pi/25c. 1906 opt King & Arms to 5L. 1906 Express 25c (2 shades). 1907-72 opt King set to 50c. French POs 1902-03 Blanc, Mouchon & Merson set to 5Fr. Almost all diff inc shades. F-VF M/MUH, Italian POs are MUH & French M. SG cat £896 for M, MUH should be at least double, so £1590+ for this collection while Sass/Yv cat would be about double, = A$5000+ Rarely seen material. (34). (P)
1914-90s Thematics collection in album with diff themes inc British Royalty inc M/S, Tobacco inc Smoking, Education inc University, Dams & Hydroelectric Power, Religion inc Bible events & religious figures, Space & Telecommunications & Sport. All diff. Almost all VF fresh M/U with 80%+ M. SG cat £1900+ = A$3400+. (1000, 33 M/S)
 SOLD at A$160
1916 Poland - German Occupation: Sosnowice Local Post comp, with Arms set 3k blue & 10k lilac. Vertical band opt set 3k & 10k.Triangle Arms (3k) carmine on piece. All diff. VFU. Mi 1-5 cat €570. All exp Mikstein, Jungjohann BPP & Ceremuga AIEP. (5).
1918 Poland - Ukraine: Luboml Jewish local post Views set 5h-50h prepared but unissued due to end of WWI, inscribed in 4 languages -German, Polish, Russian & Yiddish, 5h showing local synagogue. Specialist collection on 3 pages inc imperf set, plus 50h pelure paper, perf set plus paper varieties, set of imperf se-tenant prs with 1 in ea pr INVERTED denomination!, plus full double sheet of 2 panes showing printing arrangement, so with 6 interpaneau tete-beche prs, each pane with 10 normal stamps, 1 stamp inverted denomination & 1 blank tab. Mostly VF fresh M/MUH/U. Mi 1-5A & B & Mi 1-5BK & F est cat €900++. Interesting collection (46)
1918 Luboml Jewish Local Post in Poland/Ukraine: Specialised collection with Town View imperf set 5h-50h, 5h & 50h pelure paper variety, set 5h-50h error numerals INVERTED, plus vert pr 20h with error due to foreign matter during printing. Then perf set 5h-50h, 50h error imperf horiz, plus 20h numerals INVERTED. As well as perf colour trials 5h carmine, 10h slate-green, 10h rose, 20h blue & 25h green. VF UN. Mi 1-5A & B, & Mi1-5BK plus proofs est cat €1000+. Very interesting issue with stamps inscribed in German, Polish, Ukrainian & Hebrew. All genuine & exp Petriuk BPP. (26).
 SOLD at A$325
1919 Poland Checiny Local Post specialist collection written up on pgs. 1st Castle set to 12h perf 10, plus 2h variety flawed '2'. Also creased transfer varieties & imperfs to 8h. 2nd Castle set to 12h, plus imperfs & varieties. VF M/UN/U. Interesting issue. (39).
1920-77 Errors & unusual items inc Latvia 1918 Arms 5k perf 11½ blk of 45, printed on the back of WWI German Military Map & 1920 Liberation 50k bright pink & green blk of 20 printed on the back of Western Army banknotes. Australia 1986 Christmas 36c blk of 4 error perfs misplaced to the left (Melbourne dealer retail $280). 1997 Valentines 45c self adhesive, error shift right (value is on a separate piece!) on cover front. New Zealand 1977 Silver Jubilee 8c sheetlet, error silver offset across stamps. Unusual lot. (5 items).
1920s-70s World ranges inc Armenia 1922 Pics to 10,000k -unissued, plus surch to 5000k. Australia 1924 KGV 1d green blk of 25 perf OS single wmk UN. Croatia 1941 chequered shield opt Yugoslavia King set to 30d in blks of 4, fresh MUH (SG cat £160). Israel 1950s-70s Mint collection with tabs mounted on albums pgs, plus M/S & sheetlets. Almost all diff. Almost all VF M/MUH, odd U. SG cat £1400+ = A$2500+. (600, 9 M/S).
1920-22 Central Lithuania Polish Occup collection comp inc the rare 'Srodkowa Litwa' opt set 2Mk/15sk - 10Mk/5A in superb condition (but no certs), plus all defs, commems & postage dues, perf & imperf. VFU/CTO. SG 1-47, Mi 1-47A+B & P1-6A+B cat €6767+ = A$10,000. Rarely offered complete VFU! (96)
1933-86 Thematics: Cars, Roads & Road Safety stunning collection in 400 Exhibition style pgs with around 150 Pic sets inc Bhutan 3 dimensionals, European 1960s Charities, Vietnam 1985 Transport IMPERF, plus 100s of uncounted single stamps. M/Sheets (70) inc Romania 1944 Postal Relief set of 2. Covers (420) inc 1950s-80s Maxicards (16) 1930s Germany (15) inc Commercial Advertising & 1939 Motor Show with Pictorial pmks, USA 1950s Highway PO (7), Russia 1970s Pictorial Env (100+), World FDC & others. Very comprehensive fresh & clean, appear mostly MUH. 5 very large albums. Sound basis for a top exhibition collection. (many 100s).
1939-44 German Occup of Poland - General Govt: comp inc 1939 Osten & swastika opt sets, all pictorial & Charity sets, Hitler Heads, all 3 Official sets, etc. Plus set of 2 Radio License stamps. F-VFU. Mi cat €430. SG/Bft cat £490. (167)
1945-2001 M/Sheets collection in 6 very thick binders inc Australia 1970 Cook M/S (4) inc ANPEX opt, Cinderella types (50) & odd Exhib opt. Bulgaria (46), China (15) inc reprints. Czechoslovakia (85) 1945-80s inc 1946, 48 & later exhibitions. Fiji (15). Germany (90) inc 1959 Beethoven & 1968 Adenauer (3). Grenada (30) mostly 1970s MUH. Hungary (33). Indonesia 1988 Expo imperf/perf & 1976 Daggers. Japan (22) & Korea (29) inc DPIC thematics. Mongolia (15). New Zealand 1999 Best of set of 3 (retail $200). Romania (14). Samoa (40). Tristan da Cunha (9) & much more. Wide range of thematics inc Aircraft, Art, Birds, Boy Scouts, British Royalty, Flowers, Marine Life, Olympics, Ships, Sport & Philatelic. Some VFU/CTO mostly fresh MUH. (780)
 SOLD at A$400
1945 Burma War Savings 'PO 5-Year Cash Certificates' range of all diff with 10R series A1 watermark error 'GOVT OF INDIA & stars', then others all with correct wmk 'GOVT OF BURMA & elephant' 10R series A1, 20R series B1, 20R series H1 with 'Joint Certificate Class A' imprint at top, 50R series J1 with the 'Class A' imprint, 100R series D1, 100R series K1 with the 'Class A' imprint, 500R series E1, 500R series L1 with the 'Class A' imprint, & 1000R series F1. All are large banknote size format, with British Burma coat of arms at top middle. Mostly aUNC, 2 with edge damage, unissued & much fresher than normal. Lesser selection sold for an average of £36+ each at a London auction in 2010, so would make these £360+. Rare group. (10)
1945 Dachau Displaced Persons Camp for Polish refugees in Germany, Red Cross stamp & S/sheet collection. 10pf Brown, 25pf blue, 25pf green & 50pf red in blks of 4. S/sheets with 6 stamps inc imperf, or white paper & on yellowish paper, perf on white paper with wmk & on yellowish paper, no wmk plus perf on yellowish paper (2) ea with diff wmk. Single stamp s/sheet, stamp with centre in red & frame in blue inc imprint plus perf with & w/o wmk. All diff. VF UN as issued. Rare! (9 s/sheets & 4 blks of 4).
 SOLD at A$220
1943-45 Italy Liberation & Local issues specialized collection of the official & semi-official issues listed in Sassone & CEI, with numerous very rare overprints & provisionals, inc Aosta opt set, Aosta Pictorial set, plus imperf set & 2 M/Sheets, Aosta charity opts with Bandiera set in se-tenant prs showing both Italian & French opts, Aosta autonome opts in blks with & w/o opts, Arona opt sets inc rare airs plus couple blks, Barge, Castiglione Intelvi full opt set, other issues inc imperfs, Cuvio opts Bandiera set in se-tenant prs, Imperia, Molare opts set, Ponte Chiasso opt set, opts on Bandiera set & express, plus unissued opts on airmails, Ravenna set inc express, Savona set, Teramo set inc airs & express, Torino opts 1st issue 4 diff, Torino opts 2nd issue sets inc both opt colours of 1L, Valle Bromida opt set, as well as both pictorial issues, Alto Varesotto partisan issues, & dozens of unofficial liberation opts which are unlisted. Then Campione Enclave inc Arms set in both perfs, as well as Polish Corps with fieldpost sets in both colours, plus airmails & M/S. Coralit & SABE authorised private posts etc. Sass/CEI cat €110,000++ = A$165,000, plus all the unlisted items. Valuable & impressive collection with a number of photo certs from Sorani, Ceremuga, Sismondo & Raybaudi. (480+). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$8000
1946 French Colonies WWII 'From Chad to the Rhine' IMPERF, all sets inc Equatorial Africa, Cameroon, French West Africa, Somali Coast, Guadeloupe, St Pierre, Indochina, Madagascar, Martinique, New Caledonia, Oceania, Reunion, Wallis & Futuna, Guiana & Indian Settlements. Mostly VF fresh MUH. Maury cat €1740 = A$2800. (90). (P)
 SOLD at A$500
1955 Thomas De La Rue & Co Limited booklet, inscr in gold, containing range of stamps of British Empire (59) & foreign (50) inc United Nations with 9 stamps h/s SPECIMEN in magenta, all affixed neatly. VF fresh. Very unusual, the United Nations specimens being extremely rare - unlisted in Scott Specialised! (109)
1960s-90s Retired dealer's retail stock on stockcards, countries A & B inc Anguilla, Antigua-Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados & many more. About 905 priced over 10 years ago at $2000+, 10% unpriced. Very few over $10. Great thematics inc Birds, Flowers, Animals, Cars, Planes, Trains, Olympic, Soccer & other Sports, Fish, Royalty etc, inc lots of M/Ss. Large shoebox-size box. F-VF. All those checked MUH with some scattered U, estimate only 10%-20% duplication. Mostly diff. (1000+)
1970s-2000s Germany & France: MUH stock in binder. Extensive coverage of mainly Germany inc blks & prs. VF fresh MUH. FV 58Fr + €48, & DM1150, = A$950+. (2500+)
1970s Deluxe Proofs: (31) Upper Volta 1975 sets with Churchill, Cars, Schweitzer, Picasso Art & Expo 75 Ships -ea 130x110mm, plus similar for Chad 1977 Personalities set. Also 1953 Coronation omnibus -62 diff. (93)
1980-2007 MUH collection Europe: Andorra to Turkey with around 1600 stamps inc Europa CEPT sets & & 111 M/Sheets, inc Austria 1950s Mountains Defs to 90g, Cannel Is Pics, GB M/Sheets (15, cat €270), Germany (€210), Malta/Luxembourg/Liechtenstein (€340), Portugal/Madeira Pics (€355) & M/Sheets (64 inc Azores, €1130). Plus assorted Greece, Ireland, Spain & Switzerland. All fresh MUH, total Mi cat €3720. (1600 stamps, 111 M/Sheets & 6 booklets)
1997-2007 WWF Collection Endangered Wildlife with 54 diff Pic sets & 216 individual illustrated FDC with a wide range of Wildlife in Aardwolfs, Crocodiles, Arabian Leopards, Asiatic Lions, Bald Ibis, Himalayan Musk Deer, Imperial Eagles, Malayan Box Turtles & Serbian insects. All beautifully presented with extensive background text in 5 custom albums. Total original cost around $1450. Appear all diff to other coll'ns offered here.
 SOLD at A$220
2013 SG British Commonwealth catalogue 1840-1970 inc perfs, specimens, wmks & varieties. 616pgs. VF. New retail $180.
British Commonwealth 2016 SG Catalogue 1840-1970 inc perfs, specimens, wmk & varieties, 633pgs. Near new, retail $180.
2 carton collection/accumulation of British Commonwealth & World, largely G/FU. Inc Great Britain mostly QEII but some earlier with QEII Wilding & Machins in 1000s. European, USA in bundles of 100, also shoebox of loose in large quantity. A lot of fun in this lot. (est 50,000)
 SOLD at A$180
2 Carton clearance lot with Australia 1937-65 M/MUH duplicates (1200) inc 2/- or 2/3 Commems (72) & 15 imprint blks. World late 1800s-1950s (3500 stamps) in 1950s springback album. Aust, NZ, PNG, Fiji duplicates (many 100s) in 8 small s/books. Then British Royal collections inc 1977 Commonwealth collection of Silver Jubilee FDC (55) in custom album, 1981 RW & 1982 Baby collection. Plus Flower Stamps of the World FDC (100). IOC Olympic Games FDC (46), 1987 America's Cup comp sheet plus bits & pieces. (6000+)
 SOLD at A$250
3 Carton lot with AUSIPEX 84 collections, possibly comp inc Australian Commem album souvenir sheet opt. Switzerland MUH collection (FV 170SFr = A$228). Australian Territories MUH collection in Seven Seas hingeless album inc AAT 1966 Pic set & assorted Christmas Is, Norfolk, Nauru & Pitcairn. British Commonwealth 1981 RW collection MUH in 2 blue albums, Australia 1976-89 FDC collection (220) in another 2 blue albums inc to $10 Gardens. Then 1989 onwards loose in packets inc Pic/Commem sets & $20 Gardens. Also numerous PSE & 5 postcard packs. 3rd carton with GB FDC collection (370) 1969-90 in 5 sturdy albums with Prestige Booklet blks, high val Machins, Regionals, Commem/Pic sets, Special pmks & odd M/sheet. Plus another 160 extras 1973 onwards, many still in original PO packaging. (many 100s inc over 800 FDC)
 SOLD at A$300
A-Z collection in around 450 hagners with Arab States Pic/thematics 1960s-80s in around 150 pgs (great thematic content). Unchecked for rarity amongst the earlier sets, noticed useful Bahrain, Qatar, Um-al Qiwain & Yemen. British Commonwealth inc Antigua KGVI to 2/6, Bahrain 1953 QEII Coronation set, Mauritius from 1969 QV inc Marine Life to 10R, KUT 1938 KGVI & 1953 QEII to 10/-, Nigeria 1953 Pics to 10/-, South America inc Argentina, Brazil & Chile (100s), late 1800s onwards, Europe inc Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway, plus Switzerland 1900 UPU set & Pictorial charities. All in 6 large binders, est 10,000 stamps. Reserved at less than the cost of new hagners.
AAT: MUH collection 1957-2008 almost comp. 1959 Pic set to 2/3. 1966-68 Pic def set to $1. 1973 Pic def set to $1. 1979-81 Ship set to $1. 1983 Bird strip. 1984-87 Scenes set to $1. 1988 Conservation strip. 1995 Dolphin M/S. 2001 Centenary sheetlet. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £295, retail $465. (156 & 2 M/S)
AAT: MUH collection 1957-2008 almost comp. 1959 Pic set to 2/3. 1966-68 Pic def set to $1. 1973 Pic def set to $1. 1979-81 Ship set to $1. 1983 Bird strip. 1984-87 Scenes set to $1. 1988 Conservation strip. 1995 Dolphin M/S. 2001 Centenary sheetlet. All diff. VF fresh MUH. SG cat £282, retail $445. (153 & 2 M/S)
AAT: 1966-68 Pictorial Def set 1c-$1 (5 sets). VF fresh MUH. SG 8-18 cat £210, retail $375. (55)
Album with Nauru: 1978 Rowland Hill M/Sheet IMPERF fresh MUH, SG MS 207a cat £120. Collection 1916 to mid 1982 in loose-leaf album with 1916 KGV opts (10) vals to 1/- FU (cat £100). 1924-47 Ships set (12) to 2/6 (£110), 1935 KGV SJ & 45 other Pics sets mostly VF MUH plus mid 1970s IMPERF PROOFS (7 diff). Then GB 1934 Seahorses 2/6 (4), 5/- (2) & 10/- (cat £410) & KGVI 1937 & 1952 high val sets to £1 (£85) plus extra 10/- blue (2) New Zealand 1930s FFC (4) with a variety of frankings inc KGV SJ sets (2, cat £60). Plus China 998-1022 AD Northern Sung Dynasty Cash Coin (retail $30). (300 plus 5 M/Sheets & 4 FFC).
Antigua: 1880-1924 Postal Stationery Postcards with QV ½d brown (2) -1 toned, 1d red (2) inc opt SPECIMEN, 1d double Reply card, 1½d double Reply, Arms ½d (2) inc uprated to Neth Indies, 1d double Reply intact U to Belgium & KGV ½d (2) inc opt SPECIMEN. F-VF UN, unless noted. (11).
Antigua: 1880-1924 Postcards 1883 use of QV ½d brown with 'Barbados Ship Letter' oval b/s, QV 1d red (3) inc U 1887 to GB & 1889 to Germany, 1½d brown (2) inc U 1889 to GB plus double Reply cards (3), 1 severed & 1 intact U to Austria, Arms ½d opt SPECIMEN or U 1904 to Germany, 1d U to Germany 1906, plus double reply (3) inc opt SPECIMEN, & intact U 1910 to St Kitts, KGV ½d (2). Overall F-VF UN unless noted, some with typical ageing of stock -most of U with full messages. (17).
Antigua: 1903 Arms 1d red Envelopes with UN, opt SPECIMEN, & uprated U 1905 to Switzerland 1907 to USA, & 1909 to Bavaria. F-VF. Scarce group. (5).
Antigua: 1880-1924 Postcards with 1880 QV ½d brown (2) inc U 1886 to GB with full message, 1d U to Germany, 1d double Reply (separated), 1½d double Reply uprated & registered to Germany, Arms ½d & 1d U with message to St Kitts, 1d double Reply (2) U to St Kitts with message & to Switzerland, & KGV ½d opt SPECIMEN. Generally F-VF UN, unless noted. (10).
Argentina: Collection duplicates 1858-1985 on hagners C19th selection some M largely G-FU with extras, 1928 Pics to 1P80 mixed M/U with extras, 1940s range inc 1944 Postman's Benefit 1P+50c Imperf proof MNG, 1952 Eva Peron to 20P G-FU with extras lower values M/MLH, 1954 telecom 4 sets MUH, 1955 Pics to 50P MLH inc 5P (4), 10P (2), 20P M/MUH, 1955 Officials inc 20P (7 MLH/MUH), 50P (2), 100P (3) MLH other 1950a issues/sets with some blks, 1960s-70s Child Welfare (Bird) sets MLH/MUH largely VF, 1985 Flowers to 1A & 2o MUH in blks of 10. SG cat £1360 = A$2400, plus also reference selection of 1858-62 issues reprints/bogus which have not been counted. (948 & 10 M/S)
 SOLD at A$180
Argentina: 1859-60 Buenos Aires Liberty basic set of values & colours in sheets of 25 inc 4r green, 1P blue & 2P red, plus 1P rose & 2P blue. All early 1890s Spiro forgeries with various dotted 'pmks'. Stamps 'VFU'. SG ex P28-51 cat £7475 for genuine. (5 sheets of 25)
 SOLD at A$250
Australia/Territories/British Comm/NZ & World MUH pics & M/Sheets on priced hagners or stockcards. FV Aust/Terr $550, NZ $700 & retail $670 for the rest, good range inc many 1990s-2000s better pic/commem sets. All fresh MUH priced ready for markets & fairs. (many 100s)
Australia Collection 1913-71 in Seven Seas hingeless album (pgs to end 1982 retail $270) with Kangaroos (17) to 5/- 3rd or SM wmks, KGVI to £1, 1966 Dec to $4 King & 1971 Christmas 7c blk of 25 & another collection to 1970 Cook on leaves with States (90), Pre-Decimal to 10/- Arms & assorted Decimals inc AAT 1966 Pic set MUH. World collection in another 2 springback albums with Canada from 1890s QV, Europe inc Italy & Yugoslavia, South America & USA. South East Asia in large s/book with Thailand Pic sets MUH (cat £190) inc 1976 Animals, Birds, Native Craft, & 1978 Orchids, India QV, KEVII & KGV Officials (40) plus mixed States (200) & Nepal from early imperfs to modern Pics. West Germany 1949-90 MUH/M/U in 5 s/books (many 100s) with pickings to 1960 (SG cat £680) inc 1950s Charities & 1959 Beethoven M/Sheet. Channel Islands collection on leaves with Guernsey 1969-79 & Jersey 1941-81. Finally British Comm in 5 s/books with GB 1890s QV 2/6 (3 cat £450) & good range QEII Pics & Defs, Aust Territories Decimal betters & South Africa collection. Large carton. (few 1000).
Australian Territories Collection in Seven Seas hingeless album with Christmas Island 1958-1990 (FV $130) inc 1958 Defs to $1, 1968 Fish to 50c, 1978 QEII Jubilee comp sheet of 4 M/S & 1988 Wildlife set to $5. Cocos to 1988 (FV $85) inc 1963 Pic set, 1969 Defs to $1, 1982 Moths to $2 & 1986 Shells to $3. Mostly fresh MUH, total Face Value $215 plus another $150 for the hingeless album.
 SOLD at A$100
Austria: Collection 1858-1984 on well-annotated pgs. 1858-59 Emperor Embossed set to 15kr inc 3kr black (2) & 3kr green, plus 2kr shades. 1860-61 Oval set to 15kr. 1858 Newspaper stamps in blue & lilac, 1861 1.05kr lilac. 1867 set to 50kr coarse printing, plus 1874-80 set to 50kr fine printing. 1873-74 Telegraph to 2Fl, 1890 to 2G plus perfs & shades. 1891 set to 50kr plus perfs. 1899-1902 New Currency set to 4kr. 1901-04 to 72h plus shades & perfs. 1908-13 set to 10kr. 1910 Birthday set to 10kr. 1916-18 set to 10kr plus shades & papers. Almost all diff inc shades, perfs etc. Mostly G-VF M/U, some mixed earlies as usual. SG cat £7750+ = A$15,000+. (435) (P)
 SOLD at A$950
Austria Interesting array on cards & glassines inc late 1800s Defs to 2Kr, 1908 Emperor 60th Anniv comp set to 10Kr (cat £125) mostly FU, then 1970s-80s MUH Pic/Comm sets, odd M/Sheet & various cards. Vendor cat £650, unchecked as received in 3 1970s Scottish Shortbread tins. (few 100)
Bahawalpur: Collection 1947-49 almost comp inc 1947 Bicent ½a, 1948 Amir Pictorial set to 10R, plus 1948 New Colours set to 10R. 1949 UPU set in both perfs. Officials 1945 opt Pic set to 1R, 1945 Camels 1a etc. All diff. VF M/MLH. SG cat £439. (64)
Barbados: 1939 Tercentenary set ½d-3d. (5 sets) VF fresh MUH. SG 257-61 cat £85 (25)
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