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½d Specialised variety collection with green (130) inc Electro 1 'vert scratch right pos L18 (ACSC cat $80). Electro 3 'cracked electro LL cnr (pos 3L58, $2000). Electro 4 'eight wattles at left (pos 4L3) wmk INVERTED cat $50 x5 for INV wmk =$250, 'retouch shading behind Kangaroo, VFM (pos 4L7, $70) & 'white spot after 2 in RVT (pos 4L2), 5 diff shades inc pr pos L1, 2, ACSC cat $250. Electro 5 LM wmk massive CRACKED ELECTRO from upper frame through left wattles & Kangaroos nose (pos 5L46) cat $600. Then wide range of other constant plates flaws as identified by Dix & Rowntree, many listed in ACSC. ½d orange collection (425), strength in Electros 8 & 9 from single to CofA wmks, showing consistency of Plate flaws -approx 130 ACSC listed flaws identified (est cat $4000). Mostly G-FU, plus some M/MUH among the oranges. Total ACSC cat $8000. (560). (P)
 SOLD at A$800
1d Red/Green Pane 1 collection neatly written up on leaves opening with dramatic 'tin-shed' flaw on 1d red (Drury photo-cert), then 1d green CofA wmk UL cnr blk of 12 (6x2) MUH, 1d red rough paper vert prs (2, pos13-14/19-20). Another 1d red rough paper blk of 4 (29-30/35-36) with 'saddle on Emu' (ACSC 72(1)e cat $350), similar blk of 4 for 1d green SM wmk perf 13½x12½ (cat $80). Then 'Saddle on Emu' (pos 36) on 1d red smooth & rough papers (71, 72 (1)e cat $120). 1d green perf 13½x12½ Ash imprint blk of 12 (6 each side) with 2 clear Die II stamps (ACSC 81(1)I, ia, zb cat $450). CofA wmk lwr marginal inter-panneau Ash imprint gutter blk of 48 (24 & 24) most MUH inc 16 Die II retouched (pane 2) stamps & Plate 1 CofA wmk lwr marginal Ash imprint blk of 24 (12x2) VF MUH, plus unlisted plated singles & prs in the large multiples! Mixed M/MUH & F-VF U, total ACSC cat $2450 inc normal MUH/M stamps. (146) (P)
 SOLD at A$425
1d Red/Green Pane 2 (The Die II Plate) collection neatly written up on leaves with many useful blks & multiples inc 1d red Die I, II pr smooth paper MLH (ACSC 71(1)ia cat $900). 1d green SM wmk perf 14 blk of 4 MUH (pos 1, 2/78) with 'Scratch from A to Kings nose' (ACSC 80(1)f cat $100 & similar multiple CofA wmk MUH cat $60. 1d green perf 13½x12½ Die II, I pr MLH (pos 21, 22) cat $80, plus blk of 4 (25, 26/31-32) F-VFM cat $160. Then LL cnr part imprint blk of 20 with 5 Die I, II, II, I strips of 4, VF MUH, ACSC 81(1)ia. 1d Green SM wmk perf 14 LR cnr blk of 29 with 10 retouched Die II units, VF MUH (ACSC cat $560). 1d green perf 13½x12½ Die II, I pr (39, 40) VFU ($250) & MLH ($80). 1d green perf 13½x12½ LR cnr blk of 8 (2x4) MUH & CofA wmk cnr blk (4x2) also MUH. Plus 1d red plated Die II singles (10) mixed rough/smooth papers. Beautiful presentation. Total ACSC cat $3950. (116). (P)
1d Red/Green Pane 3 Collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d Green CofA wmk UL cnr blk of 4, PENAVY flaw (pos 23) on 1d carmine rough paper FU & in blk of 4. 1d green SM wmk MLH with 'rusted top right cnr' flaw plus retouch in SM wmk perf 14 right marginal blk of 8 MLH with other ACSC listed varieties 'rusted TRC retouched (pos 29). White line under RVT (pos 42). 1d Red rough paper blk of 6 (pos 37, 38/49,50) variety '4 breaks in shading lines (no 37) MLH, with the lower blk of 4 MUH. ACSC 72(2)f cat $600 (see photo). White flaw in RVT selection (pos 42) with 1d reds (3), 1d greens (2) all FU, plus SM wmk perf 14 pr MLH (total ACSC cat $315), other plated flaws mostly FU & CofA wmk Ash imprint strip of 4 MUH. Nice little collection, cat $1875 plus extra for the unlisted plated flaws. (65).
1d Red/Green Pane 4 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d Red substituted cliches Dies I & II set both smooth & rough papers F-VFU (ACSC cat $550) then 1d red smooth paper blk of 4 (pos 1, 2/7,8) MUH ($120), 1d red rough paper pr (pos 5, 6) strong compartment lines at top & at right VFU. 1d green CofA wmk blk of 4 (pos 5, 6/11/12) with 'Damaged right frame at top' (pos 6) plus single with additional extra frame lines at top & at right VFU (ACSC cat $100). CofA wmk 1d green vert pr, upper stamp 'steel substitution' lwr variety 'Y dot'. 1d red 'Thin G' (pos 40) both smooth & rough papers (cat $300). Plus retouch in 1d CofA wmk horiz pr, right stamp 'Y dot' variety. 1d red Y dot variety (pos 41) single U, (ACSC 71(2)m, $150). Finally 1d red & 1d green LR cnr blks of 4. F-VF M/MUH. All neatly written up on pages, total ACSC cat $1750. (68).
1d Red/Violet/Green pane 6 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d green SM wmk perf 14 UR cnr blk of 24 (6x4) with dot before 1 variety corrected (pos 21) & thinned left frame error (pos 22). VF MLH/MUH. ACSC 80(3) l, ma, n, nb cat $600. SM wmk perf 13½x12½ upper half pane of 30 with above varieties plus 'notch LL cnr' (pos 30) ACSC 81(3), l, ma, n, nb, op cat $550. No wmk 1d blk of 12 (6x2) with 'colour spot LR cnr' (pos 2), ACSC 79(3)l cat $360, plus adjacent blk of 12 (pos 13-24) mostly MUH with dot before 1 & thinned left frame varieties (pos 21, 22). ACSC 79(3) m, n, na cat $500. 1d deep red single line perf UR cnr blk of 6 mostly MUH. 1d deep violet blk of 6 (pos 13-15/19-21) with dot before 1 (pos 21) VF M/MUH ACSC 76B(3)m cat $250. Dot before 1 U/M group (17) inc 1d red single wmk strip of 3 U inc thinned left frame (ACSC 71(3)na cat $150), LM wmk MLH ($325), 1d violet pr with 'thinned left frame' (76(3) m, n, na $150). 1d green SM wmk pr with 'thinned left frame' VFM ($120). 1d red LM wmk 'notched LL cnr' (pos 30). VFM (ACSC 74(3)o cat $325). 1d green No wmk lwr half pane of 30 inc part imprint with 3 ACSC listed varieties VF MUH (ACSC 79(3)p, r, s cat $820). Notched UL cnr (pos 40) group (10). ACSC cat $545 inc 1d red LM wmk in pr with normal FU (ACSC 74(3)p $175) & in blk of 4 VF MLH/MUH (cat $480). Another wonderful collection inc some choice exhibition quality multiples, plus wide variety of plated unlisted flaws. F-VFM/MUH & G-FU. Total ACSC cat $8300. (280). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1800
1d Red/Violet/Green pane 7 Collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d violet UL cnr blk of 16 (3x5) MUH with secret mark & weeping pearl, (pos 1, 7) ACSC 76(4)d, e cat $500 1d green perf 14 UL cnr blk of 4 MUH on translucent paper with above varieties ACSC 80Baa(4) d, e cat $750+. 1d red, 1d violet & 1d green single wmk blks of 4, all with secret mark/weeping pearl varieties odd MUH, mostly VFM, ACSC cat $600. 1d carmine-red (G31) left marginal blk of 12 (3x4) MUH with wattle line, nick in UL frame & neck flaw varieties (ACSC 71Y(4)f,g,h cat $800). Plus plated blk of 12 (3x4) VF MUH (cat $480). 1d carmine-rose perf OS plated blks of 4(2) all MUH (ACSC 71bb cat $400) wattle line & nick in left frame flaws (pos 31-32) group of 15 inc retouches to CofA wmk, mostly FU (cat $800) inc 1d green single wmk joined pr VFM. 1d green SM wmk perf 14 vert strip of 4, centre stamps mis-placed perfs plus marginal blk of 4 MLH/MUH translucent paper (ACSC 80aa cat $350). Neck flaw group (10) inc 1d red LM wmk. 1d green wattle line/neck flaw blks of 4 (4) & vert pr, mixed MLH/MUH, total cat $1685, 1d red LR cnr pr with RA joined, fresh MUH. 1d violet blk of 4 with Ferns & RA joined varieties, & 1d green lwr marginal part Harrison imprint blk of 12 with both varieties very clear (cat $400). Finally comp imprints with Harrison, Mullett prs, Harrison no wmk blk of 8 M, wmk blk of 4, & SM wmk perf 14 translucent paper Mullett imprint blk of 8. As previously all fresh & clean with mass non-listed ACSC varieties identified, inc plated multiples, F-VF M/MUH G-VF U. Total ACSC $10,500. (260). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2000
1d Red/Violet/Green pane 8 collection neatly written up on leaves with 1d green UL cnr blk of 4 (pos 1, 2/7,8) on translucent paper MUH (ACSC 80Baa cat $500). 1d red wmk INVERTED blk of 4 (pos 3, 4/9,10) VF M/MUH ($250). 1d violet MUH blk of 4 (pos 7-8/13-14) with both 'thin One Penny' varieties (ACSC 76B(4)k,l cat $300), 1d green vert blks of 6 (13,14/ 19,20/ 25,26) in both single wmk & no wmk types with both thin One Penny flaws & N-Y joined fresh MLH ($280). 1d green SM wmk perf 14 irregular blk of 21 MUH (pos 15-36 cat $500) with 'blisteral upper frame' error (no 15). 1d violet blk of 36 MUH (pos 25-60) with N-Y joined, scratch behind Kangaroo, corner dot, roo's tongue out & Run N varieties (ACSC 76(4) o, p, s, u, vb cat $600 for MUH). N-Y joined collection (11, cat $1000) inc 1d red VFU & 1d green SM wmk perf 14 blk of 4 MUH. No wmk right marginal blk of 12 (6x2) MUH with N-Y joined flaw ($470). 1d red vert blk of 6 MUH (31,32/ 37,38 /43,44) with 'scratch behind roo' variety (cat $275) 1d red wmk INVERTED right marginal blk of 8 MUH (pos 39,42 /45,48) cat $75x8 is $600. 1d violet blk of 4 (3 shades, pos 53,54 /59,60) MLH/MUH with corner dot & Run N retouched varieties cat $600. Then 1d red, 1d green no wmk & SM wmk cnr blks of 4 MLH/MUH again with corner dot/Run N varieties (pos 54/60 cat $450), plus 1d red LM wmk Run-N (3rd state) VFM cat $325. Finally 1d green imprints (6 diff) inc single wmk Harrison blk of 4 perf OS (cat $350), & Mullett blk of 8 inc 'roos tongue out' variety ($300). SM wmk perf 14 blk of 6 inc roo's tongue out ($300) & 3 diff Ash imprints inc opt OS. All fresh & clean with extensive plating notes throughout inc readily identifiable non ACSC listed flaws G-VF U, F-VF M/MUH. Overall a great collection (as are th 7 other pane groups). Inspection highly recommended. (365). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
1d Red date collection 27 July 1914 December 1921 with high levels of completion throughout with single line perf dates to end Dec 1914 (130, ACSC cat $15 ea, total $1950). Comb perfs high level of completion Sept 1914-Dec 1918 missing mainly Sunday dates (always virtually impossible to find), unusual dates inc Dec 25 1914, comp months for Jan to July, Sept, Oct 1915. Feb 29 & Dec 25 1916 dates then missing only Good Fridays, & Sundays not comp. Then comp months for Jan, Sept, Oct 1917. Dec 1917 comp ex Christmas Day, but inc possible Salmon EOSIN dated 22 Dec. 1918 just a bit sparser, again missing mainly only Sunday but still virtually comp. Collection continues in 2nd volume with 1919 dates (140), 1920 (75) & 1921 (110) with stragglers through the later years. Overall a Superb collection, strength in the smooth papers. Ideal for dating/confirming shades, amongst the finest we have seen! (1900)
 AVAILABLE at A$1800
1d Red Private Perfin Collection (900) from Atlas Assurance to Yanchep & Co with a wide variety of users & styles. Neatly set out with all perfins identified, unchecked for individual rarities. Generally G-FU. A magnificent achievement with list of contents inc identified host stamp plate varieties. See website for selected scans. Well worth viewing. (900+) (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1200
1d Red variety Collection (156) with single-line perf (6, cat $90) wmk INV (13, $195). Die II (6, $120) sub-cliche Die I & Die II ($250). Left plate varieties (31, cat $2300) with 9 diff inc 'saddle on emu' (6), 'penavy' (4 inc OS, 2), 'line under RVT' (6 inc OS) & 'thin G' (6 inc OS). Right plate varieties (90) with 24 diff ACSC listed types (cat $2900) inc 'damaged LR frame' (3), 'dot before 1' (6), 'thin FL' (4), 'secret mark' (4), 'distorted ONE PENNY' (5), 'thin ONE PENNY' (5), 'scratch behind roo' (8), 'N-Y joined' (cat $250), 'cnr dot' (6), 'roo's tongue out' (2) & 'RUN n' (6). Unchecked for shades with rough papers sighted & possible brick or pink/salmon. Also 'tin shed' errors (2) & Harrison print LM wmk colours (6). G-FU. Total ACSC cat $6000. (156) (P)
1d Green single wmk variety collection in positional blks of 12 all ACSC listed with 'colour spot adjoining SE cnr' (pos V1/2) UR cnr blk of 12 (cat $250), 'white flaw in frame opposite emu's feet' (pos V1/55) lower marginal (part imprint) blk of 12 (cat $250), 'ferns' (V11/54) & 'RA joined' flaw (V11/60) partially corrected by 'Make Reading' LL (part imprint) cnr blk of 12 (cat $450). Another blk of 12 left gutter with both 'ferns' & 'RA joined very clear' (cat $400), 'Kangaroo's tongue out' (V111/56) & 'run N' (V111/60) blk of 12 ($350). Then single stamps (6) inc 'neck flaw' (4) & 'dot before 1' (ACSC cat $500) plus 2 strips of 3 & 5 prs unplated. All VF fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $2400. (80)
1d Green single wmk variety collection with 'white scratch behind emu' (pos V/49) & 'colour spot in SE cnr' (V/59) lower marginal blk of 18 with imprint fragment (ACSC cat $450) plus some varieties LR cnr part imprint blk of 12 ($350). Pane 7 LL cnr blks of 8 (2) both with Jubilee lines in lower selvedge (cat $120 ea, total $240). 'Ferns' & "RA joined' blks of 4 (2, cat $500) unpositional blks of 6 (2, cat $180) plus blk of 12, some stamps showing 'partial extra frame' varieties ($240), 'wattle line' & 'nick in left frame' joined pr (pos V11/31, 32, cat $400) plus an extra 4 singles & 5 prs. All fresh MUH. Total ACSC cat $2960. (100)
1d Green no wmk variety collection with 'scratch behind Kangaroo' (pos V/49) & 'notched NE cnr' (V/59) part imprint LL cnr blk of 12 (ACSC cat $440), 'notched NE cnr' (V/59) lower marginal blk of 6 with imprint fragment ($220), 'tilted crown top' blk of 4 ($100), 'ferns' & "RA joined' (pos V11/54, 60) blk of 4 ($280), 'RA joined' (V11/60) LR imprint fragment cnr pr ($140), 'neck flaw' (V11/37) left marginal blk of 4 ($180) & 2 singles both 'flaw under neck' ($240). Plus plate 4 lower marginal blk of 4 & vert pr. All fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $1700. (40)
1d Green SM wmk perf 14 variety collection in positional blks & multiples with 'white scratch behind Kangaroo' (pos V/49) & 'notch NE cnr' (V/59) irregular marginal blk of 16 (ACSC cat $400), 'white flaw in frame opp emu's feet' (V1/55), 'shade break in oval above E of Postage' (V1/59) lower marginal blk of 18 (now separated, cat $440) LL cnr horiz strip of 4 (Pane V/55-58, cat $80). Mullett imprint strip of 4 Plate 4 with 'RA joined' & 'roo's tongue out' varieties ($560) plus 'RA joined' lower marginal strip (tone spot, $200), 'run N - State 3' LR cnr singles MLH ($250) blk of 18 (6x3), 'neck flaw' single VF MLH ($250) & irregular blk of 17, plus 2 blks of 4. Mostly fresh MUH. ACSC $2850. (88)
1d Green SM wmk perf 13½x12½ variety collection with 'dot before 1 corrected' (pos V1/21) inc blk of 4 inc 'thinned left frame' (V1/22) ACSC cat $200, 'shade break in oval above E of Postage' (V1/59) LR cnr blk of 4 ($140), 'ferns' & 'RA retouch' LR imprint fragment cnr blks of 4 (2, cat $180 ea, total $360). Pane 7 LL cnr strip of 3 with Jubilee lines at base. Plus unpositional blks of 4 (2). Mostly fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $800. (29)
1d Green single wmk variety collection with 'white scratch behind Kangaroo' (pos V/49) & 'notched NE cnr' (V/59) in LL (part imprint) blk of 12 (ACSC cat $350), 'white flaw in frame opposite emu's feet' (V1/55) blk of 12 ($250), 'ferns' & 'RA joined' (pos V11/54, 60) 2 of ea in blks of 4 or 8 (total cat $550) LL cnr blk of 8 with Ju lines at base (Pane 7) cat $120, 'damaged LR frame' (V/30) in blks of 12, some stamps with extra frame lines ($300). Plus another blk of 12 inc scattered 'extra frames' ($180). Plus single stamps (4) all with 'neck flaw' (cat $400) & 9 unplated prs. All fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $2620. (90)
1d Green date collection 9 May 1924-Jan 1939 in 4 thick loose leaf albums, very comprehensive with all wmks represented from 1920s single crown to 1930s CofA, plus separate date studies for Official Perfins & OS opts (not checked for inverted or reversed wmks). A magnificent collection in both complexity & diversity inc high levels of completion in both the LM wmk & No wmk. (1000s).
1½d Red Single wmk specialised collection in loose leaf album with shades inc rose-red rough prints (2), ACSC listed varieties inc 'Retouched UL frame' (15L19), 3, cat $75. 'Gash in left frame' (17R43), 'Cut in lower frame' (16L1), 'Worn/missing crown tops' (8 various), HALE-PENCE variety in pr with normal FM (cat $50) & Thin RAL retouch FU (22L28). 'Dark Band' through stamp study (electro 23) inc L2/8, vert pr & L8/14, in blk of 4, plus 2 singles, ACSC cat $150, scratched cliche LR (27 L42), curved white flaw in RVT (22 L6), 2, cat $50, plus other constant plate flaws. Mostly F-VF U on annotated pages. ACSC cat $425 for mentioned varieties. Total much higher. (205)
All diff MUH selection (25) to 5d inc LM wmk 1½d thin paper (cat $120). Mo wmk 1d & 1½d. SM Wmk perf 14, 2d, 3d, 4½d. SM Wmk perf 13 0189x12½ 3d blur Dies I & II. 4½d. CofA Wmk 4d, 5d plus ½d, 2d opt OS. ACSC cat $1350. Also 1d green blks of 4 single wmk (2) & no wmk (2). F-VF, fresh MUH, total ACSC cat $1630. (41)
 SOLD at A$230
KGV 1d Red Date Collection 1915-Jan 1924, exclusively perf OS or OS/NSW with March 31 1915 (Adelaide), April 9 (Bundaberg), April 28 (Melbourne machine), May 4 (Wonthaggi), May 6 (Melb Registered), May 23 (Southport). Then 1st June-Dec 28 1915 (65) inc perf OS/NSW 20 July early date. Then 1916 dates with Jan (10), Feb (23), March (26), April (20), May (20), June (23), then reasonable completion in varying degrees (550), July 1916-Dec 1918 & Stragglers (70) from Jan 1919-June 1923. Total 840 pmks (some dates misidentified), still an extremely difficult assembly of Official perfins only (min ACSC cat $10 ea -total $8400), unchecked for the harder to find 1917-18 smooth/rough paper shades. Also some extras (130) inc varieties, Die II smooth paper (3) cat $600 & unsorted shades or colours. G-FU. (970)
 AVAILABLE at A$1200
KGV 1d Red all with Melbourne cds cancel Nos1-26, a near comp set (ex 7), unchecked for times & shades, mixed smooth/rough papers, mostly perf OS, plus 3 partial collections. Also Sydney (40) inc no.2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 22, & 65 All unchecked for shades. Scarce, not often seen specialist group G-FU. (210)
KGV 1d Red covers: 1915 (May) to Oct 1918 Single correspondence, to Tunbridge or Launceston. Untouched for around 100 years (condition quite mixed). Better sighted inc Die II (2, dated 1915, cat $200 ea, total $400), major ACSC listed varieties 'Run N', Wattle line, 'Ferns' (est cat $250 ea, total $750). Postage Due covers (2), both with 'TPO No.2 Tasmania' cds, plus possible better shades inc rough papers & June 1915 deep red pr (cat $100) on larger AMP 'Bonus Certificate' envelope. Many covers still with original contents. Min $50 per cover with scarcer shades through the roof. Ideal for research. (100 covers)
 SOLD at A$600
KGV: 4d Olive SM wmk perf 14, 1d green perf 13½x12½ Die II/I pr, 3d blue & 4½d SM, 3d & 1/4 CofA wmk. F-VF MUH. SG 91, 95/95b, 100b, 103, 128 & 131 cat £273 for M, should be at least double, £546 MUH. ACSC 81(I)ia, 107A, 109, 115, 120 & 131 cat $1300 (7) (P)
Postmarks: Melbourne cds Numeral set 1-24 plus odd variation on ½d-5d, mostly single wmk inc ½d Cyprus-green. All clear F-VF strikes with a variety of Times visible. Difficult assembly. (28)
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