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1864 Bull Arms 6p rose-carmine, FULL SHEET 8x5, showing top 2 rows inverted in relation to bottom 2 rows & middle row turned sideways the left half opposite to the right thus creating a central tete-beche pr plus 6 other prs showing stamp turned sideways. Mostly F-VF M/MUH, hinged only at sides, cnr creases affect a few, all 4 margins with selvedge on all sides. Mi 9II, 9IIKb, 9IIKa cat €1130+, SG 36a, 39a, 42 cat £1144, plus premium MUH & full sheet. Spectacular! (40) (P)
1865 Embossed Lion Essays of unknown status insc 'Posta Romana Parale' with coloured papers (3), grey wove (5), or grey laid (2), all diff colours, 3 h/s 'PROBE' (proof). F-VF UN. (10). (P)
 SOLD at A$160
1871-72 King with Beard 50b red & blue, imperf. VFU, 4 margins. SG 100 cat £250, Mi cat €280. (P)
1871-72 Prince Carol with beard 5b vermilion, perf 12½. Fresh M, original gum. SG 93c cat £1600, Yv 33a cat €1500, Mi 32b cat €1500. Very rare stamp. Exp 3 times, plus 2006 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
1872-80 King errors inc Paris printing 5b green plate Proof with fake perfs & gum to be offered as error of colour. 1879 Bucharest plate proofs in black 5b & 50b (3) with fake perfs, plus 5b rose error of colour with RPSL photo cert, then both the 5b blue (3) & the 5b rose (2) error reprints plus 2 forgeries of each & 5b blue colour changelings (4). Mostly F-VF M/UN/U. SG 114ea & 127a cat £475 for the genuine 5b rose plus forgeries & reprints would be £6800 if genuine. Mi 44F & 50F cat €1450 for original & reprints, forgeries another €4100 if genuine -both plus the proofs. Very interesting lot. (19). (P)
 SOLD at A$300
1872-80 King plate PROOFS -all black unless noted, with Paris plates 3b (32) in strips of 3, or blks of 4, 6 & 8 plus 50b pr & blks f 4 (3), also 50b bistre pr & blk of 4. Then new Bucharest plates with 1½b (63) inc blks of 4 (12), 5b (32) inc blks of 4 or 6 inc diff papers & 10b (23) inc strip of 5 & blks of 4 or 6, plus odds (12) singles & prs inc a bicolour cut & paste mock-up. SG ex 104-31(P). (194). (P)
 SOLD at A$800
1876-79 King 5b blue, & 1879-80 5b carmine errors of colour perf 11½ official reprints. F-VF MLH. SG 114ea(var) & 127a(var), Mi 44FND & 50FND cat €400 as reprints. (2). (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1879-80 King 5b rose error of colour from 5b cliche in 10b plate. VFM. SG 127a cat £475, Mi 50F cat €450. Rare genuine example. Exp Friedl. (P)
 SOLD at A$275
1880 King imperf Proofs of 15b in black on white paper blk of 4 & pr, plus prs on pale pink & pink, vert pr on blue, plus 25b blue horiz pr on vert laid paper. F-VF UN, all but one, 4 margins. SG 146-7(P), Mi 55-6. Scarce group. (14) (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1890 King set ½b-50b with Arms wmk blks of 4 inc 2 blks of 1½b, 3b - 1 perf 11½x13½, & 10b - both carmine. Then set ex 50b with inverted wmk in blks of 4 or 6 - the 10b is perf 11½x13½. No wmk set with extra 1½b-10b with a 1½b, 5b, 10b & 50b perf 11½x13½. The set of 4 wmk 'PR' ea 2 blks of 4+ - the 25b perf 13½, others perf 11½x13½. Also 1891 Jubilee set in blks of 4. Mostly F-VF M/MUH, some perf separation reinforced. SG ex 251-315 cat £3780++ = A$6900++ as M singles, plus extra for all the MUH. Extremely rare as blks. (178). (P)
 SOLD at A$3500
1890 King 1½b dull rose, no wmk, perf 11½ error 'printed both sides.' VFU. SG 278a cat £130, Mi 83(var). (P)
 SOLD at A$70
1890 King 10b brick-red no wmk perf 11½ error 'printed both sides'. VF fresh UN. SG 281a cat £130, Mi 86(var). (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1893-99 King 5b blue setenant with 25b blue ERROR OF CLICHE in full sheet split into blks of 70 & 40, blk of 70 with error in 3rd row, column 7, perf 13½. VF fresh MUH. Mi 102/105F cat €516 for M, so €1032 MUH singles. SG 319/319a cat £453 for M, should be at least double, £906 MUH, plus premium for rare sheet. (P)
1894 King 25b pale ultramarine wmk 'PR', perf 13½, error imperf between horiz pr. F-VF U. SG 30ba cat £350, Mi 97(var). Extremely rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$150
1906 Welfare Fund 3b brown PROOF blk of 4 imperf of the 4 stamp transfer blk used to create the 100-on plate, showing the Queen weaving. Fresh UN, sl thins at top & tiny edge tear. SG 481(P), Mi 165(P). Extremely rare & possibly unique. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)
 SOLD at A$2800
1906 Charity issues January & 5th March genuine sets in blks of 4 also these 2 sets plus the 10th March set all forgeries in comp sheets of 50 ex 2nd issue 15b, plus January 5b tied to envelope, some singles. VF M/MUH, a few U/CTO. SG 481-92 the genuine cat £690, plus forgeries would cat extra £4150. (600+ inc 11 sheets).
 SOLD at A$675
1906 Welfare Fund 3b purple PROOF blk of 4 imperf with solid colour borders showing Queen tending to a wounded solider. Fresh UN, sl thins at top & tiny edge tear. SG 489(P), Mi 169(P). Extremely rare & possibly unique. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)
 SOLD at A$2800
1906 25th Anniv imperf colour trial PROOFS 5b, 10b (2), 15b (2), 25b, 40b (2), 50b, 1L (2) & 2L (3), all perf SPECIMEN. A 10b in issued colours, all others diff to issued colours. Mostly VF fresh UN. SG 495-502(P), Mi 179-86(P). Ex Bradbury Wilkinson. Very rare & attractive. (14). (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
1906 40 Years Rule set 1b-2L imperf colour trial PROOFS inc 1b in sl diff unadopted design & 1b-5b, 15b & 25b (3ea), 10b & 40b-2L (2 ea), all perf SPECIMEN. All in diff to issued colours. Mostly VF fresh UN. SG 503-12(P), Mi 187-96(P). Ex Bradbury Wilkinson. Very rare & attractive. (26). (P)
 SOLD at A$1100
1906 (August) Charity Angel imperf colour trial PROOFS, 3 with blank value tablets & 15b (2), all but one 15b perf SPECIMEN. All unissued colour combinations. Mostly VF fresh UN. SG 513-16(P), Mi 173-6(P). Ex Bradbury Wilkinson. Very rare & attractive. (5) (P)
 SOLD at A$650
1906 Exhibition 5b black & green error IMPERF between vert pr. VFM, tiny gum thins. SG 517(var), Mi 197(var). Extremely rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$160
1906 Exhibition 5b black & green error centre DOUBLE. VF MLH, a normal with double perf at left M (flts) & 15b black & blue essay of similar design. VF UN. SG 517(var), Mi 197DD unpriced, 197(var). Rare group. (3) (P)
 SOLD at A$550
1907 Charity 15b colour trial PROOFS in colours of 5b & 10b. VFM, part gum. SG ex528-31(P), Mi ex 208-11(P). Ex Bradbury Wilkinson. Very rare & attractive. (2) (P)
 SOLD at A$600
1913 Acquisition of Sthn Dobruja hand-drawn Essay (97x85mm) similar to issued 'Troops Crossing Danube' 5b & 40b, 205x125mm, signed & dated, plus the issued stamps at UR. SG 628/32(e), Mi 229/33(e). UNIQUE! (P)
 SOLD at A$2900
1913 Acquisition of Sthn Dobruja hand-drawn Essay (97x85mm) similar to issued 10b View of Costantza, 205x 125mm, signed & dated, plus the issued stamp at UR. SG 629(e), Mi 230(e). UNIQUE! (P)
 SOLD at A$2600
1914 Charity Tax WWI issue 10b blue soldier & refugees part sheet of 40 (10x4) imperf, the right ½ also with full strong offset on reverse. VF MUH, sl wrinkles. Bft 2 cat £140++ as normals. (P)
 SOLD at A$110
1915-39 Essays of unadopted designs inc 1915 Postal Tax (10), 1920-25 Defs (34), 1930 Postage Due (7), 1939 King's Birthday (7), & other odds (13). VF fresh UN. Interesting lot. (71). (P)
 SOLD at A$350
1920-22 King Defs inc 5b & 10b marginal plate PROOF blks of 6, then 1b-15b IMPERF left marginal blks of 4 on grey paper, then perf varieties inc 1b black blks of 4 imperf vertically between & at right, horiz strips of 5 or 3 imperf between, blks of 10 & 4 with shifted perfs, strip of 3U perf across centre, vertical pr imperf horiz & horiz pr with strong offset on gum. 5b green & 10b red single & blk of 4 of ea U with extra or shifted perfs. 15b brown imperf part sheet of 40, (SG cat £1000++ alone) plus blks of 4 or 6 imperf horiz or vertical & vertical pr or strip of 4 imperf at left & horiz. Also private opts inc 1920 Journalists Congress 1b, 5b, 15b, 40b & 50b, 1920 unlisted ARPA aviation opts (5) tied to piece by boxed cachet & 1923 Bessarabia assistance opts on 1920-27 King (5) inc opt variety. Mostly F-VF M/MUH/UN. Ex SG 879-922. Fantastic specialist collection (161). (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
1920 King Essays in black of 10b reversed design & 3L (value tablet SG type L) both at 200% normal size. VF UN. SG 925(e) & 936c(e), Mi 266(e) & 277c(e). Very rare printers intermediate proofs from the process of making the plate. (2) (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1920 Essays of unadopted King designs (7 diff) by GH Ioanitiu for 1920-25 Defs in a wide range of colours, inc bicolours, with 11-21 diff colours or papers of ea design. VF fresh UN. Very interesting lot. (120). (P)
 SOLD at A$550
1920 Essays of unadopted King designs by GH Ioanitiu for 1920-25 Defs, all in tete-beche blks of either 4 (8) or of 8 (5), all diff colours or papers. VF fresh UN. Very rare as such multiples. (72). (P)
 SOLD at A$350
1926 King's Birthday PROOFS perf varieties etc in issued colours. Starts at 10b (2) both imperf between stamp & top margin. 25b (18) inc vertical prs imperf horiz, a single, vert pr & blk of 4 with double perfs & an imperf strip of 7/8 with 2 stamps overlapping. 50b in 2 vert prs - 1 imperf at base margin, other with double vert perfs. 1L (11) with vert pr & blk of 4 imperf at top margin & vert pr double perf at centre etc. 2L (55) inc UL & LL imperf blks of 18 & 16, horiz strip of 4/5 with 2 overlapping, top marginal blk of 4 & 2 prs all imperf between & at margin & blks of 4 (2) both imperf between & at right margin. 3L (64) inc LL cnr blk of 30 imperf horiz & double perfs at left margin, blk of 10 imperf horiz & at left, blks of 4 (2) imperf horiz, vert prs etc imperf horiz, others imperf at base margin etc. 5L (41) inc LR cnr blk of 25 imperf horiz & perfs through stamps in 2 columns at right, blk of 4, vert prs (4) & single all imperf horiz. 6L (10) blk of 4 & horiz prs (3) all imperf vert. 9L (18) inc blk of 6 imperf horiz between top stamps & also at margin, top marginal blk of 4 U & vert pr U imperf between & at top margin, plus blk of 4 & pr imperf vert & at right margin. 10L (17) inc blk of 4 imperf between horiz & imperf vert, another imperf vert, prs (4) imperf vert, plus U single imperf at base margin. A number with annotated positions. Mostly F-VF MUH/M/7U. SG 1051-60(P), Mi 293-302(P). Unique collection. (240). (P)
 SOLD at A$2600
1926 King's Birthday PROOFS & Colour Trials -all but 4 imperf with wavy line wmk horiz with all but a few in unissued colours, all 25b or 10L, with 25b (28) inc blks of 4 & 10L (30) plus blks of 4 (15) & blk of 8, setenant prs of 10L+25b (12prs), setenant blks of 4 (4) - some with only a single 10L, some with 2, setenant blks of 8 with only a single 10L (3 blks), more blks of 8 with mixed numbers of 10L inc poor printing, overlapped &/or blurred prints, a 25b blk of 8 with parts of more stamps at top, setenant blk of 12 in red with 10L (5) & 25b (7) & parts of 4 more at base, blk of 12 in black poor/smeared print, & finally blk of 15 with wide margins all round in black with top 2 rows 25b, bottom row 10L - this with vertical wmk. Appears all F-VF M/MUH in a very wide range of colours. Unique collection. (265). (P)
 SOLD at A$2100
1926 King's Birthday PROOFS & Colour Trials with wavy line wmk vertical inc in issued colour 25b (3 pr), 5L & 9L ea single & blk of 4 imperf - all with annotated positions. Then unissued colours inc 10b orange (4), 25b black (39) inc blks of 15 & 10 blks of 4 in diff shades (2) - half with positions, 50b dark green (6), 1L violet-black (28) imperf inc blk of 24, 2L black blk of 4, & 2L blue-black imperf blks of 4 (3) - 1 tete-beche overlapping 10L blk of 10, same perf blks of 4, 6 & 15, 10L brown (39) inc blks of 15, 4 (5) & 4 others. Many with positions noted & some constant flaws marked. VF MUH/M. SG 1051-60(P), Mi 293-302(P). Unique collection. (191). (P)
 SOLD at A$1600
1926 King's Birthday set 10b-10L both perf & IMPERF in horiz strips of 3 tied to part of archive page by 'Postes et Telegraph Madagascar Collection de Berne' red cachets, ex Madagascar PO UPU 'specimens' archive. VF. SG 1051-60(var), Mi 293-302/U(var) cat €1080 for normal M. Unique item showing the imperfs were distributed though the UPU as a separate issue! (60).& (P)
 SOLD at A$550
1926 King's Birthday composite PROOF sheet of 28 (4x7) in deep blue with 10L blk of 8, then strips of 10L & 25b (2 ea) - 2 strips, then 10L+25b (3) & 25b 2 strips, with various diff spacings between. VF MUH, minor gum blemishes. SG 1052 & 60(P). Extremely rare as intact sheet & probably unique in this colour. (P)
 SOLD at A$500
1926 King's Birthday composite PROOF sheet of 28 (4x7) in deep green with 10L blk of 8, then strips of 10L & 25b (2ea) - 2 strips, plus 10L+25b(3) & 25b 2 strips, with various diff spacings between. F-VF MUH, sl fold across centre & some flts in margins. SG 1052 & 60(P). Extremely rare as intact sheet & probably unique in this colour. (P)
 SOLD at A$500
1926 King's Birthday colour trial PROOFS of 25b on normal paper (7), & 10L on light card (7) in 12 diff colours, plus wide range of unaccepted essays by Bassarab (54) with 9 diff designs in all diff colours. VF fresh UN as made. SG 1052 & 60(P). (68). (P)
1926 King's Birthday set 10b-10L IMPERF matching UL cnr blks of 8. Superb MUH mostly very fresh, some sl edge tones well away from stamps. SG 1051-60(var), Mi 293-302U cat €2800 for singles, plus premium for rare cnr blks. Major rarity as such large matching blks. (10 blks = 80). (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
1926 King's Birthday set 10b-10L imperf. VFU, all 4 large margins. SG 1051-60(var), Mi 293-302U cat €300+. Only 2000 sets printed & rare used. (10). (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1926 King's Birthday 6L blue & 10L carmine errors of colour blks of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 1058a & 1060a cat £400 for M, should be at least £800 MUH, Mi 300F & 302F cat €700. (2). (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1926 King's Birthday 6L blue & 10L carmine errors of colour in lower marginal blks of 4. VF fresh MUH, margin perf separation. SG 1058a & 1060a cat £1600 for M, should be at least £3200 MUH, Mi 300F & 302F cat €2800. (2 blks). (P)
 SOLD at A$500
1926 King's Birthday 6L blue & 10L carmine errors of colour, both left marginal blks of 12 (6x2). VF fresh MUH, a couple of tiny gum blemishes on the 6L. SG 1058a & 1060a cat £4800 for M, should be at least £9600 MUH, Mi 300F & 302F cat €8400+. Great rarity as such large blks & this could possibly be the largest surviving. (2 blks of 12). (P)
 SOLD at A$2800
1926 King's Birthday errors of colour 6L blue perf, plus 10L carmine perf & imperf. VFU. SG 1058a, 1060a & 1060a(var) cat £675, Mi 300F, 302F & 302F(var) cat €900 - both plus premium for the imperf. (3). (P)
1926 King's Birthday 10L carmine error of colour imperf right marginal blk of 4. VF fresh MUH. SG 1060a(var) cat £800, should be at least £1600 MUH, Mi 302F cat €1400 -both for perf, plus premium for imperf. Very rare as only 1 sheet printed. 2018 Ceremuga photo cert. (P)
 SOLD at A$1800
1927 Anniversary set 25b-10L PROOFS w/o values, all LR cnr marginal imperfs, plus an unadopted design essay & a horiz single King type in unissued blue-grey. VF fresh M. SG 1066-77(var), Mi 308-19(var). (14). (P)
1927 Anniversary set 25b-10L PROOFS w/o values, all marginal imperf blks of 4 with extra 25b shade. VF fresh MUH. SG 1066-77, Mi 308-19(var). (13 blks = 52 proofs). (P)
 SOLD at A$400
1927 Anniv 4.50L variety w/o stop in 4.50 so reads 450L. VF fresh MUH blk of 4. SG 1073(var), Mi 315I cat €400. (P)
 SOLD at A$100
1927-29 Essays inc for 1927 Independence Anniv by Chirovici (18) inc some similar to issued types, 1928 Bessarabia (6), Dobruja (8) & 1929 Transylvania (14) by Bassarab inc 6 similar to those issued. All diff designs or colours. VF fresh UN. (46). (P)
1928-29 Presentation sheet with PROOFs printed onto it inc 1928 King, Bessarabia 3L, Dobruja 1L, 5L & 20L, 1929 Transylvania 1L, plus a TB stamp & a tall King Fiscal - all in blue or dark purple & with blank value tablets. Text at base inc 'Modele De Timbre' & printers imprint. F-VF UN as made, sl edge flts. Extremely rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$350
1930 King defs 25b-6L, & 20L IMPERF blks of 4 U on piece with other stamps, mostly 1936 pmks. F-VF U. SG ex 1172-82(var), Mi ex 375-85U cat €1150+++. Amazing postal usage of imperf blks & probably unique thus. (8 blks of 4). (P)
 SOLD at A$450
1931 King bicolour set 30L-100L IMPERF right marginals. Superb MUH. SG 1191-3(var), Mi 386-8 U cat €250. (3). (P)
 SOLD at A$150
1931-36 Aviation Fund Postal Tax errors with 1931 Plane & 1936 Pilot 1L browns - both imperf between vertical prs, 1931 Timbrul Aviatiei opt 2L Postage Due horiz & vert strips of 3 - ea with imperf between prs, & 1932 Pilot 50b & 2L horiz prs imperf vertically. VF MLH/MUH. SG T1217, TD1220, T1253, 1255 & T1341, Mi Z13, 17 & 20, ZP22. Spectacular error group. (4 prs, 2 strips of 3) (P)
 SOLD at A$160
1932 Aviation Fund Postal Tax set 50b-2L IMPERF marginal horiz prs. VF fresh M/MLH. SG T1253-55(var), Mi 215-17U unpriced. (3 prs). (P)
 SOLD at A$250
1935 King large Defs varieties with cnr marginal blks of 4 with void cnrs caused by paper folds inc 25b (4 blks), 50b, 1L, 2L, 3L, 6L & 16L. Then other varieties inc 25b blk of 4 & singles (2) with offset on gum plus blk of 4 with white smear across top 2 stamps, 50b shifted perfs (U), 1L left margin blk of 4 with shifted perfs giving a wide wing margin & extra row of vertical perfs, 6L with horiz white smear & 16L blurred printing (U). Mostly VF M/MUH, with foldovers glued over. SG ex 1310-36. Spectacular & unique group. (13 blks, 6 singles). (P)
 SOLD at A$250
1938-47 Imperf at margin with errors with 1938 8th Anniv 50b imperf at right (M), 1939 Carol I Anniv 7L imperf at top & 12L imperf at left (both MUH), 1947 Large King 15,000L UR blk of 4 imperf at right stamps MUH. All VF fresh. SG 1375, 1398, 1400 & 1871. Mi 554, 577, 579 & 1030. Very rare group. (7) (P)
 SOLD at A$110
1940-45 King Defs varieties with 25b 1L, 15L & 100L horiz prs with shifted or double perfs, 5L & 12L misperf singles, 25b & 1L blks of 4, 50b blk of 4 with full strong offset on gum. 5L blk of 4/6 grossly shifted perfs, 2L blk of 8 weak printing & finally 16L vertical pr with large void area from paper fold. Plus 1943 Postal Tax 50b blk of 4 with void strips caused by paper wrinkles, plus pr & blk of 4 with shifted perfs. (17 items, 53 stamps). (P)
 SOLD at A$210
1940-41 Iron Guard & Legion issues well annotated pages inc Iron Guard set M&U inc on piece with special commem pmks, plus privately produced sm folders for ea value with 1, 2 or blks of 4 tied by special pmks, 20+5L on registered & censored postcard to Austria, another reg cover inc 20+5L (2) to Bulgaria, plus single franking internal use. Then similar treatment for the Legion issue with M&U inc blks with commem pmks, 2 reg covers with set on ea, also the M/Sheet 2M/3U, plus in folder SG cat £840, also the 3 Charity/Postal Tax issues inc unlisted 5L brown, inc M blks of 4 & set CTO on postcard & finally the 'Roma-Berlin 1940' special opt set of 3 M/S of King Carol Birth Anniv. VF M/MUH/U. Mi cat €2100+, SG 1484-MS1487a cat £1200 as loose stamps plus the covers, charities, special opt M/S & premium for commem folders. (89 inc 9 folders, 9M/S & 5 covers). (P)
 SOLD at A$350
1943 Red Cross 20L+80L black & red UL cnr blk of 4 with void area at cnr caused by paper fold with missing part printed on gum. VF fresh 2M/2MUH. SG 1566(var), Mi 759A(var). Spectacular & unique error. (P)
 SOLD at A$250
1945 King Michael colour trials of design type SG '182' or Mi 'pa' in range of all diff colours from yellow, red, brown, violet, purple, blue, green to black, ea w/o value & with SPECIMEN at base in place of 'Romania'. Affixed to card (300x175mm) headed 'Modelar De Culori' with colour name/code. SG 1663(P) etc, Mi 934(P) etc. Extremely rare. (30). (P)
 SOLD at A$550
1945-47 King perf varieties inc 35L horiz pr imperf between, 80L orange & 160L grey vertical prs & blks of 4 imperf between, 3700L blk of 4 imperf horiz between 50b & 35L horiz prs double perf between, 1L, 2L violet, 4L & 5L blks of 4 with shifted perfs, 100L perf shift with 'Romania' at top, 160L green vertical strip of 3 - lower with 'Romania' at top, 600L blk of 20 (2x10) perfs shifted. Mostly F-VF M/MUH. SG ex 1663-1704. Rare group. (62) (P)
 SOLD at A$200
1945 King Michael colour trials of design type SG '184' or Mi 'pc' in range of all diff colours from yellow, red, brown, violet, purple, blue, green to black, ea w/o value & with SPECIMEN at top in place of 'Romania'. Affixed to card (300x175mm) headed 'Modelar De Culori' with colour name/code. VF UN. SG 1668(P) etc, Mi 934y(P) etc. Extremely rare. (30) (P)
 SOLD at A$550
Collection 1865-91 Mint basically comp with 1865 Cuza (4, SG cat £252) inc 2p laid paper & both 20p types, 1866 coloured paper set (£228), 1868 set (£445), 1869 set (£419), 1871 with beard sets perf & imperf inc 10b type A (£1200) - no 1872-79 issue, 1880 15b & 25b inc perfs (£267), 1885 inc shades (32, £466), same with wmk (18, £704), 1890 (15, £327) with Arms wmk (17, £386) & 1891 Jubilee (9, £78) - plus 3b & 15b perf 11½ (unpriced in SG). Wide range of shades & perfs cat as cheapest. F-VF M. SG cat £4770+ = A$8700. Lovely fresh looking collection. (125) (P)
 SOLD at A$1600
Collection 1903-45 (commems only to 1921), appears 99% comp M, plus most U inc 1903 PO Post horse sets M & 3+U (SG cat £450+) & 2nd issue to 5L M (£440) plus forgeries U, 1906 both Anniv sets M&U plus extras (£430), 1906 Charity 'Angel' blks of 4 M, & 2 sets U (£140), Exhib set M&U with extras (£420), plus 'SE' opt Official set M&U (est £1200), 1913 Dobruja sets M&U (£300), 1922-30 Commems, Defs & Officials basically comp, plus perfs, wmks etc (£2400+) inc 1927 Anniv imperf proofs 25b (2 prs) & 2L -all w/o values. 1930 King 2 sets imperf (est £300+) & wmk CC (1932) set £350, plus 1926 Birthday errors of colour 6L blue 8M/1U & 10L red 6M (£3025). 1931-39 comp M & most U (£2600+) inc 1931 Bicolour King set imperf (est £200), plus imprint blks of 8, all the good £30-£75 sets, 1935 Mamaia set (£100), 1939 Carol Anniv all M/Sheets perf & imperf & almost all M&U -total of 23 (£265) etc. 1940-45 (£2600+) comp to March 1945 inc 1940 Pro Patria opt M/S (£540), all other M/S (ex 1941 Marin & Mota). Throughout there are extra blks, varieties, some full/part sheets & more, inc a 3 volume specialised study of 1926 Kings Birthday inc part sheets, annotated varieties etc inc imperf proofs of 10b, 25b pr, 50b, 1L, 2L pr, 3L pr, 9L pr & single, plus 25b plate proof in black (est £450). Also 1944 Refugee Agency free franking stamps in sheets of 25 (est £250), Postal Tax & Aviation Fund etc. VF MUH/M/U. SG cat £14,000 = A$25,000 plus all the varieties MUH etc. Valuable impressive lot. (7000+ inc 60 M/S). (P)
 SOLD at A$2600
1908-40s Definitives Mint collection/accumulation inc 1908 engraved 4-15 of ea value inc most/all? diff perfs (SG min cat £265), 1909 Litho inc perfs & shades (£80), 1918 new colours (£60) plus range of opts 'Timbru', 1918, 'Taxa de Plata', monogram etc, 1920 issue (£60) -plus 1b & 25b imperfs, 1920 2nd type (£350), 1928 Michael types (£220) -all above M/MUH. Also WWI Bulgarian Occup opts M/U, plus Bulgaria Pictorials with Bucharest pmks, German Occup opts inc various 'MViR' types M/U inc double opts etc (£400+) & Fiscals opt 'Gultig 9 Armee' (100+) 1930 Kings M/U, 1940 Postal Tax & Red Cross opts, 1930-31 Officials, 1922 Coronation (6+ sets M, £150+) plus imperfs (20) inc 25b strip & blk of 4, 3L pr & strip of 4, 1913 Dobruja 6 diff inc 1L x 3, & 2L (£150), 1917 unissued large King 4 values 25b-50b imperf blks of 4 M & finally 1906 Exhib M/U to 75b (£170+). F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £2000+ plus the imperfs Mi cat €840 = A$5000+. (P)
 SOLD at A$700
Definitives 1862-1947 in s/book inc 1862 Bull 30p (3U, in pr with 1 sideways) est SG cat £650, some 1870s (£110), 1880 set 15b & 25b (5+ea), 1890s range, 1931 bicolours, 1946 comp? M (300+) to 10,000L inc imperf prs, diff papers etc 1947 Large Kings (20), 1930 King Airs M (2+ sets, £90), 1931 Plane Air set M (£37), 1906 Exhib to 3L M/U range (£100+) - plus 'SE' opts (7) inc 2L50 M&U (est £300), Charity 5 issues 3+ sets ea issue M/U (£800). 1943 2nd Year of War & Artillery sets 1941 Chisinau, Bolshevik & Odessa opt sets 1942 Bessarabia & Transdniestria sets - all blks of 4 & appear MUH (£290), plus Postage Dues, Aviation Funds & 1945 King's Fund 200L M/Sheet miscut. F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £2500 = A$4500+ plus unlisted items. (760+ inc 5 M/S). (P)
Forgeries 1858-19 Reference collection in 1858 round Bulls (SG cat £456,000) inc 27p (2), 54p (8), 81p (2) & 108p (4) - all UN. 1858 square Bulls (£6500) inc 5p (3), 40p (10) & 80p (6). 1862 Bulls (£4600) inc 3p (5), 6p (16) & 30p (13). 1865 Cuza (£12,600) inc 2p (46), 5b (18) & 20p (19). 1866 coloured papers (£12,500) inc 2p (15), 5p (18) & 20p (16). 1868 (£4335) inc 2b (15), 3b (13), 4b (10) & 18b (13). 1869 (£4120) inc 5b (11), 10b (15), 15b (9), 25b (44) & 50b (12). 1871 with beard (£4340) inc 5b (12), 10b orange (18), 10b blue (18), 15b (7), 25b (9), & 50b (10) plus perf types (8, £560). Also 1872-79 (17), 1885 issue (10), 1891 Anniv (39), 1903 PO (50+), 1906 Charity sets (6+ of 3 diff sets), early 1900s odds, 1927 Geographic Society 3 values in tete-beche imperf blks of 10, Postage Dues inc tete-beche 5b & 10b green in blks & 1893 Kings opt 'PROBA' & SPECIMEN (10) & others. VF M/U. SG cat £500,000+ as genuine. Fantastic lot. (700). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
Balance from Specialist collection on pages, loose in packets & envelopes etc. Starts with Moldavia 1858-64 Bulls inc 27p, 54p & 108p then 5p (4), 40p (9), 80p (4) & others -probably all forgeries (would cat over £100,000) more forgeries inc 1865 Cuza (20), 1866 coloured papers (30), 1868-72 Carol imperfs (35), 1872-79 range (50+), 1906 Anniv 1b forgery sheet of 36 imperf, 1903 PO range through to 1920s inc & 1917 unissued large King imperfs (4), 1926 Birthday 6L blue colour error (5, cat £1000), plus 50b imperf U on piece, some large part sheets inc '1918' opt 5b green, 1920 5b black, 1893 5b blue, also 1929 Union blks of 4 in presentation booklet, 1938 issues comp in small presentation bklt, 1939 Birth Anniv 59L bklt, 1922 Cluj University Opening cachet on 17 diff stamps, plus 100s loose in dozens of envelopes MUH/M/U. Should easily cat over £2000 plus all the classics/early forgeries.
 SOLD at A$650
Perfins: 1890s-1940s with covers & cards (10) inc WWII censored, plus pages illustrating all known perfins &, 48 diff perfin stamps, plus 85 duplicate perfins. (130+ stamps, 10 covers). (P)
 SOLD at A$160
1876-94 Definitives Kings on pages inc 1876 with 10b blue (56), SG cat a49, 15b brown (26, £299) & 1879 5b green strip of 5. 1890 with impressed wmk (3+ ea to 25b £143), then no wmk (7+ sets, £930) inc 50b (38) & 1½b printed both sides & 1894 wmk 'PR' set in strips of 3 (£90), plus 1891 Jubilee (3+ sets £235). All F-VFU. All but the 1891 are multiples up to strip of 10. Also 1893 new Defs 10b green M/MUH inc blks of 10, 15, 16 & 21 all with sheet position identified, plus 10b green & red annotated varieties U. Finally proof of 1893 issue M in unissued colours 3b orange (4), 10b brown (2) & 25b green. F-VF M/MUH/U. SG cat £2650 = A$4800 plus premium for multiples, varieties, pmks etc. (700+).
 SOLD at A$550
1906 25th Anniv frankings inc single, multiple & mixed frankings inc Money Order cards local & to Bulgaria franked 1L, reg covers to Austria with 25b, & 25b pr, PPC to Switzerland with 5b. Then 40th Anniv of Accession with 5b on PPC (4) inc of National Exhib pavilion with Exhib label, 10b on PPC to London, 25b pr to Austria, 50b (2) local or to Berlin, mixed 25th/40th Anniv cover inc 1b (16) on reverse, or PPC to Berlin. Also 'Zieher type stamp cards (3) for both & 1906 Angel Charities inc 10b on Money Order, & 3b pr on PPC. (21). (P)
 SOLD at A$200
1918 Bulgarian Occup cover franked opt 10st pr tied by 'Matchin 15 2 1918' cds, to German Commander at Rochmon, with Koustendz & Toulcea cds, plus Bulgarian red censor h/s. SG/Mi 3. Extremely rare proper useage cover. (P)
 SOLD at A$200
Postal History: 1932-40 all franked 1931 King bicolours High vals 30L, 50L & 100L as single, multiple, or mixed with other commems & defs, almost all with additional services paid for inc Airmail (8), Reg Airmail (14), Reg Express (7) or combinations of these. Destinations inc Argentina (4), Australia (4, inc 2 censored), Brazil (2, inc Diplomatic), Czechoslovakia (2), Ecuador, Germany (3 censored), Italy, NZ, Palestine censored, Poland Official, USA (6, inc censored & Official) etc. Numerous very high rates, noted 392L to Brazil. Amazing lot. (35). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
Postal History: 1890-1945 Covers & cards inc Austria Parcel Cards with Romania revenues, inwards mail from Austria, Bulgaria, GB, USA, France, Belgium etc lots of registered, censored from both wars, WWI POW cards & military cards, Zieher stamp cards (5) & similar (3), lots of b&w or colour PPC - noted to Austria with Postage Due, Airmails, 1913 Silistra Frank Stamp on cover, plus small Journals/Newspapers (5) inc franked 1b postage 1906-12 & much more. (300+). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
Postal History: 1913-32 non-PO issues with 1913 Silistra Committee Frank Stamp with forgery UN genuine U & on cover. 1933 Gratuit Frank Stamp on very large cover to post a book on the anniv of Romania's 1st stamp with Commem pmk. Then revenues used for postage inc 1920 PPC to Austria with 25b Statistics revenue, & 1932 business cover with 1L & 5L revenues. Finally 1916 Transylvania Refugee stamp 10b on cover plus loose stamps (5M & 4U) & similar period TB stamps (2M/2U). (5 covers, 16 stamps). (P)
 SOLD at A$200
Postal History: 1872-79 Kings on covers/cards inc 1875 cover to England franked 5b bistre single (damaged) plus blk of 4 on reverse a 5b blue Postcard uprated 5b bistre to Germany, a wrapper with 5b & 10b, a wrapper franked 10b blue, another franked 25b orange to Hungary, & another to Germany, wrappers (4) franked 15b brown single 2 or 2 with prs to France with 1877 & 1879 'Roumanie Paris TPO' pmk, another with 5b & 10b. Then new colours frankings inc 5b greens (inc dark green) uprating 5b Postcards (8) for foreign uses to Germany, France & Austria, 25b blue on printed business cover Slatina-Laibach tied by 'Bucuresci-Vercirova' TPO cds & 2 more 25b blue wrappers to Lemberg or Switzerland & finally 2 copies of 'Scola Rurala' 1885 folded journals, both franked 1½b black for newspaper rate- both with 'Calafat 1885' b/s. Overall fair-VF. SG cat £300++ as loose stamps & rare early usages. (24). (P)
 SOLD at A$500
Postal History: 1890-94 2nd King Carol issues on cover inc 5b (5) 1894 to England, 10b+ 15b 1892 to Greece & another to Germany, a triple weight registered 1894 with 5b, 15b & 50b then 25b mourning cover to Austria. 1894 mixed franking 10b with 1893 type 5b to Austria -apparently underpaid but not taxed. Then a few other issues inc 1880 issue 25b on 2 covers 1883 & '85 to Austria, 1885 issue 3b green pr to pay double weight newspaper rate on 'Orthodoxa Romana' journal -address may have been on wrapper it was posted in, 1886 cover with 15b. Finally 1891 Jubilee set on cover, another set of 5b Jubilee Postcard & 1½b on wrapper. SG cat £155+ as loose stamps, large premium for nice covers. (13). (P)
 SOLD at A$200
Postal History: 1913 (July-Aug) Balkan War mail inc Military Postcards (9), many with 'Swe Teleg Post Militar' FPO, cds inc in violet, 2 to Austria or France, (plus one VF fresh UN), also normal 5b Postcards (3) military used, & a stampless card -many with unit cachets. Plus registered covers (2) franked 15b+25b or 40b -both with FPO cds of Sept 1913. Also current King defs 1b-50b on piece CTO 'Dobritch 30 VI 913' violet cds (9 values) or same cds in black dated '28 VI 913' (7 values - 2 of ea). (15, plus 23 stamps). (P)
 SOLD at A$220
Postal History: 1915-18 German Occupation covers & cards with almost all the diff Occupation opts 'MViR' types etc with covers (24) inc censored, Postage Dues, perfin & 'Declared Value' letter to Berlin. Postcards (35) - mostly various diff opts on Germania 10pf Postcards, plus other related cards. Very interesting lot. (65+). (P)
 SOLD at A$600
Postal History: 1916-17 Bulgarian Occup inc opt set on cover with Bucharest cds, Postcards (3) ea franked 3 opt values inc a 5st opt error '1617 for 1917', reduced cover franked opt 25st & with 'MViR' opt Postage Dues on reverse, Bulgaria pictorials (13) tied to card etc by Bucharest cds, incoming covers & cards from Bulgaria (8) most with 2 diff censor cachets plus opt set in M blks of 4 & finally WWI Turkish FPO in Bucharest inc an inwards cover from Peru & a local cover plus 4 pieces with Turkish stamps, 2 with Kaiserlich Osmanische Feldpost 65 Bukarest' star & crescent cachets, & 2 with bilingual Turk/German 'Turkische Feld Paketpost Bukarest' parcel-post cancels. (21 covers/cards, 16 stamps, 4 pieces etc). (P)
 SOLD at A$160
Postal History: 1945 Soviet Russian Censorship covers Registered to USA (4), two with Defs frankings of 103L, another 'Arlus' set & another franked War Relief set of 6 - these last 2 also Express, both redirected with cachet/endorsement 'not found'. Also inwards Postcard from France. All with Russian 'Boenaya Tsenzura CCCP' 3-ring violet cachet & Romanian censor cachet. The 4 covers with numerous USA b/s. (5) (P)
 SOLD at A$100
Postal History: 1846-77 stampless inc folded letters 1846 Jassy-France via Vienna, 1852 Gallatz-Genoa via Czernowitz & Crakow, 1857 Registered Jassy-Vienna, 1856 Corfu-Galatz via Hermanstadt wrapper, 1860 Letter Pitesti-Bucharest, 1875 Paris-Bucharest cover taxed with boxed '85 BANI' due h/s & 1877 to Bucharest with m/s '60' in red & '30 BANI' postage due h/s twice. Then stamped covers 1850s-60s originally stampless, but stamps add inc Bull 80pa red forgery with fake pmk & genuine 30pa blue tied to part cover by fake cds & part wrapper with 1869 25b blue & orange forgery with fake cancel & genuine cover with Cuza 20pa. Also some postal receipts inc 1870 AR registered & 1860s? for items from Adjud-Jassy or from Bucharest. (15). (P)
 SOLD at A$200
Postal History: Bessarabia 1920s-40s covers & cards with wide range of frankings with Bessarabia pmks inc Chisinau (11, inc 3 censored), Cetatea-Alba, Calarasi-Orhei, Soroca, Hotin, Mamaliga, Orhei, Tarutino, & Tighina. With 1920s (7, inc registered & censored), 1930s (26, inc 10 reg) - plus censored to Greece & 1940s (5 all censored). Plus 1941 Restoration Postcards (11) with all diff censor cachets. (49).
Postal History: Commemorative issues 1903-47 on cover in single, multiple & mixed frankings inc some sets. Starts at 1903 PO, 1913 Dobruja 5 values to Austria, lots of 1926 King's Birthday (17) - every value ex 10b, 1928 Air set, 1930 King Air set, 1932 Scout Jamboree set (SG cat £50), EFIRO M/Sheet (£70) plus Postal Fund set on same cover, Stamp Anniv set, 1933 Pelesch set, 1935 Martyrs set, 50th Anniv set (£55), 1936 Jamboree set x 2 (£44) with Jamboree reg cachet & pmks, Marine Exhib set, 1937 Creanga set, 1937 Anniv 2 sets & many more inc sets on commemorative sheets etc. (90). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
Postal History: Maritime Mail 1905-31 inc PPC franked 10b tied by 1905 Sulina-Tulcea pictorial steamship cancel, another PPC with 'Conspoli-Constanta-Bucuresci' cds. 1914 PPC with 'Br Amb Maritim Roman Constantinopol-Constanta' cds. 1909 5b Postcard with 'Alexandria-Constanta' cds plus same cds on 50b blk of 4. 1930 reg cover to Australia with b/s of 'Bir Amb Maritan Constanta Alexandria' cds. 1931 PPC Arad-Singapore with another 'Bir Amb' cds like the last. Also 10b blks of 4 - ea with 'Constanta-Constantinople-Smyrne' or reverse direction & finally 2L blk of 4 with 'Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur (Cyp Fabre) S/S Sinaia' cachet. (6 covers/cards, 4 blks) (P)
Postal History: 1850s-1932 Official Mail inc stampless 1850s wrappers to Administration Office Dolj from Calafat & Caracal, 1860s Church wrapper from Cardinal of Wallacia & Hungary with his seal, 1862 wrapper with wax seal of 'Battalion of Danube Frontier Guards Calafat Point' & other stampless (total 13) inc 1932 Registered cover from Peles Royal Castle, covers etc (34), franked Official stamps inc the '8Junie 1930' opts, single, multiple & mixed frankings. Virtually all with Official cachets or printed/written Official endorsement with a wide range of users inc Religion, Education, Military, Judicial, Local & National Govt etc. Also a few documents etc inc 1916 Military telegram. (52) (P)
 SOLD at A$150
Postal History: Postage Dues & Postal Tax covers & cards 1888-1943 inc Dues 1st type in green, 10b (2) on Postal Money Orders, 30b (2) on stampless bank cover, 1900 10b on tiny 5b cover, 10b on 5b Postcard, 10b on PPC (3), 1918 Stationery Postcards (2) with Postal Tax Dues & Military Card with 'Taxa De Plata' opts, other covers & cards (18) with range of diff Dues & Welfare Taxes inc 1937 Culture Tax usages. Plus inwards overseas mail with Dues inc 1902 from Switzerland, 1903 France, 1906 Bulgaria, 1908 Brazil & 1915 Austria. (44) (P)
 SOLD at A$200
Postal History: WWI 1916-18 Censored mail with 5b or 10b Postcards (7) inc to Switzerland, covers (7) inc stampless with Postage Due & postal Tax Due stamps on reverse, another to New York, also to Buhotin Internee Camp endorsed words to effect 'due to absence of postcards' as internees were only meant to get postcards, plus a 10b Postcard hand-illustrated 'Friede' & signed by detainees inc Siegmund Grunberg, Registered covers to Sweden & USA with special Registered Mail Censor cachets & finally inwards from Spain, Switzerland & Russia. All with various censor cachets, cds or censor tapes. Fair-VF. Interesting lot. (21) (P)
 SOLD at A$500
Postman's delivery posthorn h/s for Bucharest 1900-38 districts with original type with number only in posthorn (120) no.1-188 on mostly PPC inc lots of inwards from other countries, then new type with number & Roman numeral in posthorn (200), no 1-199, these mostly on covers & stationery Postcards -again with lots of foreign inward mail, plus an unsorted bundle of another 100. (420).
Postal Stationery: 1873-1946 Mint collection/accumulation on pages in sleeves & loose. Postcards (100+) appear basically comp to 1915 (only some double reply cards inc unsevered prs, sub-types & varieties - noted 1899 error 'Posalta for Postala' 5b green then another 5b green with 1900 New Year colour picture on reverse (55). Lettercards (20), Wrappers (18) inc uncut blk of 4. Also large Money Order cards for Internal use (17) or International (11), & WWI German Occup 'MViR' etc opts (14, inc 7 diff). Generally VF fresh UN. Impressive lot. (240). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
Postal Stationery: 1873-1946 Used collection/accumulation on pages in sleeves or loose. Postcards (200+) appears basically comp to 1918 - (only some double reply cards), with sub-types & varieties inc 1900 New Year colour picture on reverse of 5b green, some 1932 & 1942 view cards & lots of diff Military types (45). Lettercards (33), Wrappers (43) inc joined pr (2), triples (2), strip of 4 & strips of 5 (5) inc to France, Germany, England & Holland. Envelopes (8) inc registered, plus WWI German Occup opts (10). Generally F-VF U. Impressive lot. (350). (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1000
POW Mail WWI 1915-19 mostly printed cards inc to or from POW in Hungary (11), from Austria & many to or from Germany, to Switzerland, noted stationery Postcards inc 2 diff 'MViR' opts & other opts with a wide range of diff censor, POW, Red Cross Camp etc h/s. (40). (P)
 SOLD at A$1300
POW In Russia range of diff POW cards 1945 to as late as 1952, inc some Red Cross/Crescent types, most with no origin pmks, or illegible, all with diamond censor h/s, some registered with Postal Tax 1L stamps, one also with Romania Meter cancels for 8L & 34L, plus 1946 reg cover franked Russia stamps with 'Kiev Bureau d'Exchange Etrang' transit cds. Mostly F-VF. Rare group. (30). (P)
 SOLD at A$210
Railway TPOs & Stations: Inc 1900-05 boxed 'TREN' s/l pmks inc for Galati, Alexandria, Jassy, Piatra etc, plus boxed 'AMB' for Bacau, Titu etc, or Ambulant cds -mostly on PPC (30). Similar on stationery Postcards (28) with 'TREN' for Filaret, Jiblea & Constanta plus 'Amb' cds as early as 1883 & other boxed types. Then the railway station 'Gara' cds on covers/cards (10) inc Mihaesci, Palanca, Elicradu & Bucuest Gara de Nord & again on stationery Postcards (20) inc 1882 & 1874 'Bucurest Gara Tirgu-Vestei cds, Berheci, R Sarat, Brailia, Pascani, Ploesti, Razboeni etc inc 3 censored WWI & finally 1942-43 Registered & censored inbound from Italy (3) with various b/s inc 'Corrispondenze Per L'Estero Como' Bucuresti Gare Nord Amb types etc. Almost all pre WWI. (85). (P)
 SOLD at A$350
Transnistria - Romania & German Occup of Southern Ukraine 1941-44 Transnistra Postcards (10) or stamps on covers or cards. Pmks inc Ananiev, Balta, Birzula, Dubosari, Ovidiopol, Rabnite, Tiraspol, Tulcin plus FPO cds No 78, 23, rare inwards from Romania to Balta, Golta & Cernauti. Also cover from German Command at Tiraspol by Military Courier across the border & posted at Tighina. Large range of diff Censor h/s & Military Unit cachets. Mostly F-VFU. Fantastic lot with many very rare usages. (28) (P)
 SOLD at A$1600
WWI 1915-19 Military & Censored mail almost all Postal Stationery ordinary Postcards, or black Military cards - about 50% of total. Also some occupation opts (13) inc diff 'MViR' types. Most of the black cards sorted into packets that appear to be for diff sub-types? Overall a very wide range of diff Military & censor cachets & h/s. (160). (P)
 SOLD at A$400
WWI 1917-18 German & Austro-Hungarian Occupations covers & cards inc German Fieldposts covers (8) & cards (27) - almost all PPC, plus Austrian-Hungarian Fieldpost covers (4) & cards (16) inc PPC. A wide range of diff Field PO pmks & unit cachets. (53).
 SOLD at A$210
WWII 1940-45 Censor Mail inc covers (80) inc inwards frankings from Bohemia, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey & USA, covers to Red Cross Switzerland, Postal Stationery Postcards (90) inc wide range of upratings inc Postal Tax, other cards (25) inc PPC. Overall lots of registered, plus Express, Military etc with a massive range of diff censor cachets of diff towns etc inc a packet of 17 marked by vendor as 'unlisted by Telegut'. Fantastic lot. (220+). (P)
 SOLD at A$650
WWII 1940-45 Fieldpost & Military Mail especially on Eastern Front in Russia, covers & cards inc Military Postcards, wide range of Field PO pmks, censor cachets, Official pmks etc. (175). (P)
 SOLD at A$550
POs in Turkey: 1896-1920 with black opt 10pa U, 1Pi 3M/1 U plus set CTO on envelope, then violet opt set U plus extra 10pa & 20pa, also 20pa 3M plus set on cover. Also Romanian Consulate Constantinople 1902-05 cds on Romania 5d or 15b prs. Then 1919 opt set of 6 in M blks of 4 plus forged opt (6) & a 1920 cover franked 10b & 15b prs with Postal Tax 5b w/o opt. Plus 20pa 10b Postcard UN. SG cat £465 as loose stamps plus extra on cover, plus card. (48, 4 covers) (P)
1910 Paltinis Hotel Post issue VII 3b brown & 5d green sheetlets of 4 (5b no left margin), believed to be early printings in lighter shades. VF fresh, 5b UN, 3b MUH with 'Geza von Jakota Nagyszeben' h/s on gum. (2 blks of 4) (P)
1910 Paltinis Hotel Post issue IX Anniv set (50b) green & (1L) red comp sheets of 10 (5x2) with margins inc variety 'no flag on building' at Pos R1/4 on both sheets. VF MUH. All exp Jakots-Sibiu. (2 sheets) (P)
1910 Paltinis Hotel Post issue IX (50b) green & (1L) red imperf proofs in LL or UR cnr blks of 4. Superb fresh UN. (2 blks) (P)
 SOLD at A$200
1924 Paltinis Hotel Post issue IX Anniv (1L) red stamp comp imperf proof sheet of 10 (5x2) on yellowish-paper inc variety 'no flag on building' at Pos R1/4. VF UN. Extremely rare. (P)
 SOLD at A$300
1910-24 Paltinis Hotel Post issues inc 1910 3Kr brown & 5Kr green UL cnr marginals - both darker shades of later printings. 1923 New colours 3Kr blue & 5Kr brown 2 of ea from diff positions plus 3Kr & 5Kr (2) U. Then 1924 Anniv issue 2 of ea from diff positions inc red with strong offset on gum, plus green U & red (3 U) - 1 on piece with Romania 3L stuck over & pmked. F-VF MUH/M/U. (17) (P)
 SOLD at A$210
1914 use of PPC with Hotel greetings sent outwards franked Paltinis Hotel Post issue VII 3d brown (pos D) tied by boxed '22 JUL 1914' pmk type IV & franked Hungary 5f tied by 'Nagyszeben 914 JUL 23' cds for postage to Hermanstadt. (P)
 SOLD at A$200
1921 Cover (folds) sent outwards with Paltinis Hotel Post issue VII 5b green (pos C) tied by "Sibiu 8 JUL 1921' arrival cds & franked King 30b & Postal Tax 10b tied by 'Sibiu 7 JUL 921' cds. To Hermanstadt. (P)
 SOLD at A$200
1924 Use of PPC of Hotel going outwards franked Paltinis Hotel Post issue VIII 3d blue (pos D) with '29 JUL 1924' pmk type VII. Also franked King 50b & postal Tax 25b tied by 'Sibiu 31 JUL 924' cds to 'Cisnadie' with arrival cds. (P)
1926 Use of PPC of Hotel (sm tear UR) outwards franked Paltinis Hotel Post issue IX (50b) green (pos R2/4) tied by 'Hohe Rinne 6 Sep 1926' type V pmk, plus 1L pr to pay postage with 'Sibiu 7 SEP 926' cds. (P)
 SOLD at A$150
1929 Use of PPC inwards franked Paltinis Hotel Post (pos R2/2) tied by 2-line 'Hohe Rinne 8 Marz 1929' arrival pmk type V. VF. (P)
 SOLD at A$150
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